Author: Sadi Karki


Lalisa Manoban's Parents

Lalisa Manoban’s Parents, Her Biological Father Wasn’t There For Her?

Lalisa Manoban, or primarily known as Lisa, needs no introduction. The K-pop star has been causing ripples through her voice from the band Blackpink. After a surge in popularity

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Jonnie West's mother Karen West

Here Are Some Facts About Jonnie West’s Mother Karen West

Jonnie West is a former American basketball player. He is currently serving as the Director of Basketball Operations for the NBA team Golden State Warriors and

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Jane Pauley's son Ross Trudeau

Ross Trudeau, 5 Facts About Jane Pauley’s Son Who Is A Puzzle Expert

American television journalist and author, Jane Pauley is famous for her 13-year position on NBC's Today program, which was followed by 12 years as the co-host

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