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Mindy Kaling's mother Swati Roysircar

Was Mindy Kaling’s Mother Swati Roysircar Also Into Acting?

If you are someone who loves the American TV industry, you must have heard the name Mindy Kaling. Kaling is best known for the role of

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Facts about Mindy Kaling's brother Vijay Chokalingam

7 Facts About Mindy Kaling’s Brother Vijay Chokalingam

If you are into American sitcoms and series, you probably have heard the name Mindy Kaling (Vera Mindy Chokalingam). If not, Mindy Kaling is an American

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Mindy Kaling's father Avu Chokalingam

Avu Chokalingam, Facts About The Office Star Mindy Kaling’s Father

Mindy Kaling is an Indian descent American artist who is also a writer, director, comedian, producer, and voice artist. Kaling is known for her works in

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