Alec Baldwin's father Alexander

Learn Some Facts About Alec Baldwin’s Father Alexander Baldwin

If you are familiar with the Baldwin family, you must have heard the name of Alec Baldwin. The 62-year-old actor is known for some of the iconic roles in the film industry. Alec's most memorable roles include 'The Getaway,' 'Beetlejuice,' and 'The Aviator.' He became an acting sensation in the old era of movies, and a lot of that success

Alec Baldwin's mother Carol M. Baldwin

Alec Baldwin’s Mother Carol M. Baldwin Is A Breast Cancer Survivor

Carol M. Baldwin is mostly known among peoples as the proud mother of the renowned Academy-Award nominated actor, Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin's mother, Carol, is also known as one of the toughest women who not only fought but eventually overcome the problems she faced while being associated with breast cancer. Hailing from Syracuse, New York, Carol was born on 15th

Celebrity Kids born on September

7 Celebrity Children Who Have Birthdays In September

Even though humans have very vague memories of themselves during their time as an infant, birth is still the beginning of gaining experiences. It marks the beginning of a journey that will be the most difficult and wonderful at the same time. Among the twelve months of a calendar, everyone is destined to be born in one or the other

Jordan Belfort's father, Max Belfort

Jordan Belfort’s Father Max Belfort From Whom He Had Drawn A Lot Of Initiatives

Every parent plays an essential role in their children's life. There is a famous saying that parents are their kid's first teacher and should remain the same throughout their lives. The same case happened in the life of one of the successful and inspiring entrepreneurs, Jordan Belfort. The former stockbroker and convicted felon, Jordan Belfort's father, Max Belfort, played a

Jason Kidd's mother Anne Kidd

Jason Kidd’s Mother Anne Kidd Was A Programmer For The Bank Of America

Ten-times NBA All-Star Jason Kidd is a pretty familiar name if you are a basketball fan. The player turned coach recently won his second NBA title and his first as an assistant coach with the NBA team LA Lakers. Jason was a big part of the historic win for the Lakers with front runners LeBron James and Anthony Davis leading