Facts About Both Of Lindsey Broad’s Children, Sons Teddy Bradley And Harry Bradley

Lindsey Broad sons, Teddy Bradley and Harry Bradley

Lindsey Broad is an American actress famous for her roles in TV shows and films such as The Burg, ‘Til Death, and In the Dark. Her first blockbuster performance was in the web series The Burg, in which she portrayed Spring’s role in thirteen episodes. Currently, the public knows Lindsey best for her role as Cathy Simms in the American mockumentary TV series ‘ The Office.’

The New York native Lindsey Broad is in a marital relationship with Sean Bradley since 5 July 2014. The couple has two sons, Teddy Bradley and Harry Bradley, who are being a part of media scrutiny. Here, we will be tailing some unrevealed facts about Lindsey Broad’s sons, Teddy and Harry. So, please stick till the end of this article to know them all.

Lindsey Broad’s Sons, Teddy Bradley, And Harry Bradley

As mentioned earlier, Lindsey Broad has two adorable sons, Teddy Bradley and Harry Bradley, with her husband, Sean Bradley. Both of her kids are below five years old and currently reside in New York.

Lindsey and her spouse, Sean Bradley, welcomed their eldest son, Teddy Bradley, in March 2017. Some years after, on 18 July 2020, the happily married couple, Lindsey and Sean Bradley’s second son, Harry Bradley, completed their family. Lindsey and Sean had documented every second during the birth of both of their child, which they later shared on their respective Instagrams.


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Lindsey Broad’s sons, Harry and Teddy, love spending time with each other. They enjoy doing various toddler activities and play different games with their parents. Their mother, Lindsey, and father, Sean, often posts pictures of them having fun with them on their social media pages.

Teddy And Harry Often Attend The Film Set Of Their Mom

We all know that Teddy and Harry Bradley’s mother, Lindsey is a working mom. At times, she even takes her sons to her film set to do her work and take care of them while being on the film set.

Lindsey Broad sons, Teddy Bradley and Harry Bradley
Lindsey Broad’s sons often visit her film set. Image Source: Instagram/ Sean Bradley.

In 2019, when Lindsey Broad’s son, Harry was just four weeks old, Lindsey signed in another acting project, ‘In the Dark.’ Although she had hired a babysitter to take care of Harry during her work hours, she took him onset to nurse and feed him during takes.

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However, at present, Lindsey works from home in such a way that she can take care of her two sons as well. During an interview, Lindsey revealed that she is hoping not to sign other acting projects till her youngest son, Harry, joins kindergarten. At the moment, she is enjoying her motherhood and loves sharing the things she enjoys with her kids on her Facebook and Instagram.

Bradley Brothers Are Enjoying Their Childhood To Their Best

Lindsey Broad’s sons, Teddy Bradley and Harry Bradley, are enjoying their toddler years. They can often be seen doing various fun activities and visiting different places with their parents. The Bradley brothers even take part in several toddlers fun competitions that happen near their place.

In 2019, Lindsey Broad’s son, Teddy Bradley, won the  Diaper Derby Champion award during a Diaper Derby organized in New York City. His father, Sean, got the credit for his achievement as Sean spent his entire leave from his office to train Teddy for the competition.

Moreover, the toddler son of Lindsey Broad and Sean Bradley, Teddy is even a supporter of Joe Biden. Some days before the election in the United States, Teddy shared an important message supporting Joe Biden.

The proud father of Lindsey Broad’s sons, Sean Bradley, had made Teddy’s video giving his points why he wanted Joe Biden and is against Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, Lindsey Broad’s sons are enjoying their babyhood to their best, having fun and learning through their toddler activities. Their parents, Lindsey and Sean, are upbringing them so well.

Name Meaning: Teddy And Harry Bradley

The Greek origin name Teddy means wealthy protector. Likewise, the old German origin name Harry means home ruler.

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