Meet Both Of Dave Joerger’s Children, Daughters Kiana Joerger And Alli Joerger

Dave Joerger's daughters Kiana Joerger And Alli Joerger

Dave Joerger is an American basketball coach who is currently working as the assistant coach for the NBA team Philadelphia 76ers. He is relatively new in the coaching game but has already made a decent name for himself. He was the head coach of Sacramento Kings before he took on the job as the assistant coach for the 76ers.

A lot about Dave’s professional life is already out in the media, so let’s shift our focus towards his personal life. He is currently married to Kara Joerger, with whom he has two daughters: Alli Joerger and Kiana Joerger. Alli and Kiana are both growing up like a charm. And in this article, we have put together some fascinating things about them that you may want to know.

Both Kiana And Alli Go To Same High School

Both of coach Dave Joerger’s daughters go to the same school. Alli, the 17-year-old, is in the class of 2021, while Kiana, the 14-year-old, is in the class of 2024 at the Aberdeen Central High School. Dave has made sure that both of his daughters remain close to each other. This must be the primary reason for them attending the same school. Alli and Kiana must have a pretty decent time with each other, even in school.

The Joerger girls are set to complete their high school soon, and fans are already curious about which career path they will choose. It is only natural for them to have an affinity towards sports because of their father, but we can not be so sure yet.

Dave Joerger’s Daughters Are Interested In Sports

As mentioned above, it is only natural for Kiana and Alli to have an affinity towards sports due to their father. The two have been engaged in quite a lot of varsity sports, from volleyball to cross country. Both of Dave Joerger’s daughters are looking like sharp athletes. Moreover, they also have a mentor in their father, who will always help them in every difficult situation.

Dave Joerger's children
Both of Dave Joerger’s daughters have a thing for sports. Image Source: Social Media.

While it is still too early to predict whether Kiana and Alli will follow in their father’s footsteps into basketball, we do have a little hint. Dave must be proud that he has two wonderful daughters who are on track to making him proud. Let’s hope we see that happening sooner or later.

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Alli And Kiana Lay Low On Social Media

The Joerger family seems to love to keep their personal life to themselves. None of the family members are active on social media, and the same goes for Alli and Kiana. Both are away from the social media scene and remain attention free. Dave must have been concerned that social media might have an adverse effect on his children.

The Joerger daughters are growing up faster than many would have anticipated. Now, we just have to wait and see how their life turns out to be.

Name Meaning Of Dave Joerger’s Children

Alli is a name related to old German names Alberta and Alice. The meaning of Alli is ‘noble.’ Kiana is a name given to girls and is of either Irish, Persian, or Hawaiian origin. The literal meaning of Kiana is ‘ancient’ or ‘God is gracious.’

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