What Does Jordan Belfort’s Brother Robert Belfort Do?

Jordan Belfort's Brother Robert Belfort

The famous American motivational speaker, author, and former stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, experienced both success and controversies in his lifetime. Belfort began as a stockbroker and made millions of dollars through illegal ways in the 90s. He even spent nearly 22 months in prison for his illicit works. Currently, he is a successful entrepreneur and a motivational speaker who delivers speeches that usually focus on running a successful business avoiding mistakes that he made in his career as a broker.

Talking about the personal life of the convicted felon, Jordan Belfort, he has an older brother named Robert Belfort. Along with Jordan’s rising popularity, people are curious to know about his brother and his other details as well. So, to learn about Jordan Belfort’s brother, Robert Belfort, please stick with us till the end of this article.

Robert Belfort’s Profession

Almost every fan of Jordan Belfort might know that his parents, Max Belfort and Leah Belfort, were accountants. In addition, Jordan Belfort’s mother, Leah, joined the law school and established herself as a lawyer after she retired from her previous job. Leah influenced Jordan Belfort’s brother, Robert Belfort to join one of the law schools in New York City and pass the bar exam to be a certified lawyer.

Jordan Belfort's Brother Robert Belfort
Robert Belfort is a lawyer by profession. Image Source: Facebook/ Jordan Belfort.

In an interview with the ABC Local in 2009, Jordan Belfort said that his brother, Robert Belfort is one of the most respected lawyers in New York City. However, he did not open up in which field his big brother specializes in. So, for now, it is only known that Jordan Belfort’s brother, Robert, is a lawyer based in New York City.

Jordan Belfort’s Brother’s Marriage And Children

The extremely secretive brother of Jordan Belfort, Robert Belfort, is a married man. In the memoir ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ Jordan has mentioned that his brother, Robert Belfort’s wife threatened him to sue one of his companies for sexual harassment. It hints that Robert was already married while Jordan was still under the influence of drugs in the 90s.

Talking about Robert Belfort’s children, he might be a father to a couple of kids with his wife. But, sad to say, they are far from the reach of media. But, we do know that Jordan Belfort’s brother, Robert, is a blessed uncle to Jordan’s children, Chandler Belfort and Carter Belfort. And we hope, although Robert has not good relation with Jordan, he has a great bonding with his children.

Life Away From The Limelight

Like many other celebrity siblings, Jordan Belfort’s brother, Robert Belfort, does not seem to prefer to be a part of media inquiry being linked with his famous brother. He usually stays away from the limelight and does not seem to be available on social networking handles.

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Furthermore, according to Jordan, Robert lost touch with him many years ago. So, there are no any photos of the Belfort brothers available on the media platforms together. Hence, it’s quite uneasy to dig through most of the details on Jordan Belfort’s brother. But, as Jordan has changed a lot and on the right path now, we hope Robert will reconcile with him soon, letting the world witness their brotherhood once again.

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