What Does Vin Diesel’s Brother Tim Vincent Do?

Vin Diesel's brother, Tim Vincent

Vin Diesel is one of the most acclaimed actors in the American Film Industry. He is widely known for his roles, mainly in numerous hit action movies making the cinematic universe spellbound. Some of the blockbuster Hollywood movies starred by Vin Diesel are Riddick, The Fast & the Furious franchise, and The Bloodshot. Lately, he has also tried his luck in the American music industry from his first song ‘Feel Like I Do.’

Despite the staggering fame of Vin Diesel, most of his fans might not know that he has a brother named Tim Vincent beside his twin brother Paul Vincent. So, here, in this article, learn some facts about Vin Diesel’s brother, Tim Vincent, including his personal and professional details.

Vin Diesel’s Brother, Tim Vincent’s Profession

As we all know that, Vin Diesel, born Mark Sinclair Vincent, is a world-known actor, producer, and musician. He has several blockbuster movies credited in his name. And, he gives some credit for his success in the movie business to his former acting instructor father, Irving H. Vincent

Vin Diesel's brother, Tim Vincent
The famous actor, Vin Diesel’s brother, Tim Vincent, stays away from the media reach. Image Source: Facebook/ Vin Diesel.

However, Vin Diesel’s brother, Tim Vincent’s profession, is not known to the public. As his brother and father are in the entertainment industry, he also might be working in the same field without letting the public know about it. Also, Tim might have chosen any other profession other than acting or movie making. But, for now, what Vin Diesel’s brother, Tim, does for his living is kept secret by him and his family members.

Furthermore, Tim Vincent is rarely mentioned by the online media sources as Vin Diesel’s brother. Moreover, he also never appears on his parents and other siblings’ social networking handles and attends public events with them. So, it isn’t straightforward to dig through the professional life of Vin Diesel’s brother, Tim Vincent. He is living a private life entirely away from the media paparazzi.

Tim Vincent’s Siblings

Besides Vin Diesel, Tim Vincent has two more siblings named Paul Vincent and Samantha Vincent. His elder brother, Paul Vincent, is the twin brother of Vin Diesel, who was born on 18 July 1967. Actually, both Paul and Vin are the half-brother of Tim Vincent as they are from the same mothers but different fathers. Paul serves in the sound department as a sound engineer in various onscreen and offscreen movies. Like Tim, he also does not prefer to be in the limelight being linked with his celebrity family members.

Similarly, Tim Vincent’s parents, Delora Vincent and Irving H. Vincent welcomed Tim Vincent’s sister, Samantha Vincent, during the 1970s. Samantha is the biological sister of Tim Vincent, who is also in the American Entertainment Industry like their father and other siblings. She works as an executive producer in the One Race Films, a famous production company founded by their brother Vin Diesel. Samantha’s projects include Riddick, and the Fast & Furious franchise, starred by Vin Diesel.

Hence, almost every member of the Vincent family is in the movie business. So, seeing Tim Vincent’s brother, sister, and father in the Film Industry, we can assume he also might be working there in some department. 

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