Georgia Gracie Slovin, Facts About Amy Ryan’s Daughter With Eric Slovin

Amy Ryan's daughter Georgia Gracie Slovin

Amy Beth Dziewiontkowski, better known as Amy Ryan, is an American actress who is known for playing Beadie Russell in HBO’s The Wire and Holly Flax in NBC’s The Office. Speaking of her education, Amy is a graduate of New York’s High School of Performing Arts. Furthermore, the talented actress is also an Academy Award nominee and two-time Tony Award nominee.

Amy has had an incredible career with quite a lot of awards in her bag. We fans, definitely know a lot about Amy’s incredible career but why don’t we take a look at her personal life. Amy is married to Eric Slovin for almost a decade and has a daughter named Georgia Gracie Slovin. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Amy Ryan’s daughter Georgia.

Only Child Of Actress Amy Ryan

Born on October 15th, 2009, Georgia Gracie Ryan is the only child of Amy Ryan with her husband Eric Slovin. The couple got married the same year after the birth of their daughter. They had announced the pregnancy in August of the same year. Georgia’s birth has definitely made the family complete. As both Amy and Eric have a busy life, it must have been pretty hard to raise Georgia. But with the love and support the couple has for each other they were finally able to give time for their daughter.

Amy Ryan's daughter Georgia Gracie Slovin
Georgia’s mother Amy Ryan is a fantastic actress and a mother. Image Source: Social Media.

Amy has been as incredible as a mom as she has been an actress. Moreover, she really takes it to whole another level by inspiring her daughter Georgia. The 9-year-old must look up to her mother and one day dream to be like her. Let’s hope we get to see that happen pretty soon.

Georgia’s Father Eric Is A Comedy Writer

Like her mother Amy Ryan, Georgia’s father Erc is also involved in the entertainment business as a comedy writer. He has been in the industry for quite some time and is known for his work on Saturday Night Live (1975),  and Important Things with Demetri Martin (2009). Eric has consistently written quite a lot of comedy throughout the years.

With an actress mother and writer father, Georgia is in for the best childhood anyone can have.

In addition, Amy Ryan’s daughter Georgia is also getting all the care and time from her busy mother. She is a charming kid and will only take a little while to grow up to become a charming lady. Moreover, her cuteness melts away the heart of every fan. We cannot wait to see how she will grow up.

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Amy Ryan’s Daughter Georgia Doesn’t Appear Much In Public

Amy and her husband Eric Slovin have been pretty much secretive about their personal life throughout their career. The couple only shows up during special events but keep their daughter hidden from the media. They have succeeded to keep their daughter Georgia far from the public while other celebrities of this generation are being their children’s paparazzi themselves. As Georgia’s appearance in the media is a rarity, let’s hope we get to see her more often in the future.

Name Meaning: Georgia Gracie Slovin

Georgia is a name of English origin which means ‘Farmer.’ Gracie is a form of Grace, a Puritan name, which means ‘Favor’ or ‘blessing.’

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