Anika Snyder, Facts About Amy Snyder And Quin Snyder’s Daughter

Quin Snyder's daughter Anika Snyder

American Basketball coach Quin Snyder is known for his more than 25 years of dedication in the NBA. Although he has not reached glory by winning the NBA title, he has been consistently proving to be worthy of a title. Currently, at the Utah Jazz, Quin is not slowing down. Many believe that he can bring back the glory days to Utah.

We already know more than enough about this Basketball devotee’s professional life, so this article will be shifting our focus towards his personal side of things, his family. Quin has four children from his two marriages altogether. So, let’s go through some interesting facts about Quin Snyder’s daughter Anika Snyder.

Anika Is The Eldest Daughter Of Quin Snyder

Anika is the eldest child of coach Quin with his wife, Amy Snyder. Moreover, she is also their eldest daughter, which makes her the most responsible one. Anika has two younger siblings-brother Wyatt Snyder, born in 2012, and sister Madeleine Snyder born in 2014. The three siblings always spend their time together, and they even got the company from their father during the recent lockdown.

Anika is very close to her siblings, and being the eldest makes her the responsible one too. As all of the siblings have only one-two years gap between them, they are also each other’s friends. Anika must be lucky that she has got such an amazing bunch of siblings. Quin and Amy have been amazing parents to their children and will continue to do so even more in the future.

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Quin Snyder’s Daughter Anika Spent Quarantine Learning Chess

While everyone else was either cooking, chilling, or playing with their parents during the pandemic, Quin Snyder’s daughter Anika utilized her time by learning chess with her father. In an interview with KSL Sports, Quin mentioned that he always wanted to teach his two elder kids Anika and Wyatt, how to play chess. He even mentioned that he was their favorite teacher during this time.

Quin Snyder's daughter Anika Snyder
Quin taught his children chess during the quarantine. Image Source: Social Media.

The Snyder family seems to have spent their quarantine with great fun and gain. This was certainly a great opportunity for Quin to flair as a parent, and he has certainly taken the opportunity. Anika will soon come of age, and when that happens, he wants to make sure that he will have spent some quality time with her.

Anika Has A Half-Brother

The eldest Snyder daughter also has a half-brother Owen Snyder from her father’s previous marriage, along with her two other siblings. Born in 2002 to Quin and his then-wife Helen Redwine, Owen seems to be pretty distant from media attention.

Quin and Helen divorced when Qwen was only four years old, so the divorce must have affected him in a bad way. Currently, the seventeen-year-old is on track to become a full-fledged adult. Whether he will follow his father’s tracks into basketball or not remains totally uncertain.

Name Meaning: Anika Snyder

Anika is a name derived from the Sanskrit word Aneek. It means the collection, group, mass, army, face, or appearance. The meaning of Anika is graceful, brilliant, or sweet-faced.

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