Wyatt Snyder, Facts About Amy Snyder And Quin Snyder’s Son

Quin Snyder's son Wyatt Snyder

Quin Synder is the current head coach of the NBA team Utah Jazz. Even though he has been part of the NBA since 1992, Utah is the first team where he took the job as the head coach. He had previously worked as the assistant coach for teams like the LA Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Atlanta Hawks.

While Quin’s NBA exploits remain the main highlights of his life, his personal life is also nothing short of talking points as well. The 54-year-old has married twice and has four children from the marriages. Keeping his family in mind, we have gathered some interesting facts about Quin Snyder’s son Wyatt Snyder, so don’t forget to stick to the very end.

Wyatt Snyder Is Quin’s Second Son

Born in 2012 to Quin and his wife Amy Snyder, Wyatt is Quin’s second son. Quin also has a son Owen Snyder from his previous marriage with Helen Redwine. Wyatt also has two sisters, one elder sister named Anika Snyder and a little sister named Madeleine Snyder. The three siblings are always spending their time together and are deeply bonded to each other.

Wyatt being the middle child, has the role model in her elder sister and is the mentor to her younger sister. It must be pretty lively for Wyatt that he has two siblings as a company while he is growing up. Amy and Quin have been amazing parents to their children and will continue to do so even more in the future; whether Wyatt follows in his father’s footsteps into basketball or not still remains unprecedented.

Quin Snyder’s Son Wyatt Spent His Quarantine With His Father

Quin Snyder’s son Wyatt spent his quarantine with his father. As the whole world was whether busy cooking, chilling, and doing casual things, Wyatt made quite the use of quarantine by learning chess with his father. Quin said in an interview with KSL Sports that he always wanted to teach his daughter Anika and Wyatt how to play chess. Quin was finally able to do so in his time during the recent pandemic.

Quin Snyder's son Wyatt Snyder
Wyatt spent quarantine with his father. Image Source: Social Media.

Moreover, the quarantine was also a great opportunity for him to work on his parenting. He was able to give more time to his children, who desperately needed it. As Quin’s son will come of age faster than he will notice, he wants to spend as much time with him as possible.

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Wyatt’s Mother, Amy, Is A Ph.D. Graduate

Wyatt Snyder’s mother, Amy, is a Ph.D. graduate. She completed her B.S. in Behavioral Analysis from the University of Florida before completing an M.A. in Special Education at the University of Washington. Moreover, she further continued her studies and earned a Ph.D. in Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders with an emphasis in Psychometrics at the University of Texas in Austin.

While being an amazing mother and wife, Amy has also proven herself to be a prime scholar. Her love for children is nothing like others, and her drive for education is also the same. Wyatt sure is privileged that he got an amazing mother who is genuinely multi-talented.

Name Meaning: Wyatt Snyder

Wyatt is a name derived from Old English or French. The meaning of the name Wyatt is ‘Little Warrior.’

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