Owen Snyder, Facts About Quin Snyder’s Son With Helen Redwine

Quin Snyder's son Owen Snyder

The current head coach of the NBA team, Utah Jazz Quin Synder, is a common name in the NBA. Although he has been part of the NBA since 1992, Utah is the first team where he took the job as the head coach. The-54-year-old previously worked as the assistant coach for teams Atlanta Hawks, LA Lakers, and LA Clippers.

We all know Quin’s NBA exploits remain the main highlights of his life, but his personal life is also nothing short of talking points as well. He has married twice and has four children from them. A lot is unknown about his children, so we have gathered some interesting facts about Quin Snyder’s son Owen Snyder, so don’t forget to stick to the very end.

Owen Is Quin’s Firstborn

Born in 2002 to Quin and his then-wife Helen Redwine, Owen is the firstborn of this basketball maestro. Soon after Owen’s birth, things between Owen’s parents started to fall apart. Their relationship was only held together by Owen. The couple divorced in 2006 while Owen was just a 4-year-old, which made things very difficult for him. After divorce, Quin and Helen maintained a friendly relationship so that Owen does not feel estranged from one or the other.

Currently, the 17-year-old is soon to become an adult and take on life himself. Even though Quin Snyder’s son has a very small presence in the media with his father, he must be spending time with him now and then. Since there is very little information about him, there is no guarantee whether he will follow his father’s footsteps into basketball. All we have to do is be patient and wait for how he turns his life around.

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Quin Spent A Lot Of Time With Owen Even After Divorce

Even after the divorce, Quin had a healthy relationship with his ex-wife and son Owen Snyder. During his time off the coaching job after his stint at Missouri, Quin took a year off to finally focus on his day to day lives. He spent quite some time with Owen at that time and established an important father-son relationship.

Quin Snyder's son Owen Snyder
Quin spent quite a lot of time with his son during his time off from coaching. Image Source: Social Media.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that your child needs you when you are too busy with work. Quin had understood this and spent his time with Owen when he needed him the most. The father-son relationship between Quin and Owen has not been in the highlight for quite some time but let’s hope they still have that bond for each other.

Owen Snyder Has Three Half-Siblings

Quin Snyder’s son Owen has three half-siblings from his father’s second marriage with Amy Snyder. Owen’s siblings include two half-sisters Anika Snyder and Madeleine Snyder, as well as a brother named Wyatt Snyder. Owen being the eldest of them all, is also the role model to his younger siblings.

As the Snyder family has opted to lay low on social media, there is not much information about how they are bonded to each other. Regardless of that, the family must share an incredible connection to each other that will continue for many years to come.

Name Meaning: Owen Snyder

Owen is a name derived from the Greek name Eugénios. The meaning of the name Owen is ‘Well Born.’

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