Annika Atkinson, Facts About Kenny Atkinson’s Daughter With Laura Atkinson

Kenny Atkinson daughter with Laura Atkinson, Annika Atkinson

If you are well-updated on American basketball, you sure might know the famous American professional basketball coach Kenny Atkinson. Recently, he got the position of an assistant coach under head coach Tyronn Lue for the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA. Before this, he was the head coach for the Brooklyn Nets. Besides, he is also a former basketball player who played for the University of Richmond, leading the Spiders to a Sweet Sixteen berth in 1988.

The ex-director of Player Development for the Houston Rockets, Kenny Atkinson, is a family man. He is in a happy marital relationship with Laura Atkinson. The husband-wife duo has two children together, a daughter and a son. Today, in this article, get to know some untold facts about Kenny Atkinson’s daughter, Annika Atkinson.

Born To Kenny Atkinson With Laura Atkinson

The Atkinson couple, Kenny Atkinson and his wife Laura Atkinson, welcomed their daughter, Annika Atkinson, in 2010. Annika is their second child who arrived in their family two years after the birth of their son, Anthony Atkinson.

Kenny Atkinson’s daughter, Annika Atkinson, is creative and artistic. While talking to the New York Post back in 2016, Kenny said that his little girl, Annika is opposite of him. Unlike him, Annika is tough and does not take crap from anybody. He added, whenever his daughter gets to knock around a soccer ball or basketball, she gets in there and says that she is a defender. His family members call her The Beast, probably due to her tough nature.

Kenny Atkinson daughter with Laura Atkinson, Annika Atkinson
Annika Atkinson is the youngest child of Kenny Atkinson. Image Source: Social Media.

Annika reached ten in 2020. It means she might have been earning her primary education in some schools near her home in East Quogue. For now, she is enjoying her childhood peacefully, far from the unnecessary media reach.

Annika Atkinson’s Siblings

Aforementioned, Annika Atkinson has an elder brother named Anthony Atkinson, who is two years older than her. He is emotional, over-competitive, and compassionate. Moreover, Annika’s big brother is a basketball fan and knows a lot about the NBA. But, according to their father, Kenny, he still needs to learn how to handle losing.

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Annika and her brother, Anthony, rarely appears in public, due to which the public hardly ever gets to see their brother-sister relationship. However, we hope Kenny and Laura are upbringing them in the right manner, and the brother-sister duo, Annika and Anthony, might be sharing a great sibling bond.

Life Away From The Limelight

Kenny Atkinson and his beloved spouse, Laura Atkinson, seem to prefer their daughter, Annika Atkinson, to stay far from the media limelight. Both of the parents of Annika are not active on social networking handles. And, Annika is too young to have any. So, it’s quite hard to find details about her everyday life.

The only time Kenny Atkinson’s daughter, Annika Atkinson spotted in the media was with her parents and brother in May 2016 at the Nets HHS Training Center. Since then, she has never been captured in public events with her celebrity dad. Nevertheless, we wish Annika all the best for her great future and hope to see her excelling at whatever career she chose when she grows up.

Name Meaning: Annika Atkinson

The female given name Annika is the Swedish pet form of Anna. Its meaning is favor and grace.

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