Anthony Atkinson, Facts About Kenny Atkinson’s Son With Laura Atkinson

Kenny Atkinson son, Anthony Atkinson

The famous American sports personality Kenny Atkinson recently got hired by the Los Angeles Clippers as an assistant coach under head coach Tyronn Lue. Before this, Atkinson served as an associate coach for Paris Basket Racing from 2004 to 2006 and New York Knicks from 2008 to 2012. He was also the assistant coach for Atlanta Hawks from 2012 to 2016 and head coach for the four-season from 2016 to 2020.

The 2020 Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame, Kenny Atkinson, is happily married to Laura Atkinson. With his wife, Laura, he has two children, a daughter, and a son. Here, in this article, we will be disclosing some unknown facts about Kenny Atkinson’s son, Anthony Atkinson. So, please go through to the end of this article to know them all.

Eldest Child Of Kenny Atkinson With Laura Atkinson

Anthony Atkinson is the eldest child of the Atkinson couple, Kenny Atkinson and Laura Atkinson. He is also their only son, whom they welcomed in 2008, some years after their marriage.

Kenny Atkinson’s son, Anthony Atkinson, spent his childhood far from the media’s prying eyes. The twelve-year-old Anthony is an emotional and compassionate boy who loves to spend his leisure time with his family. His secretive parents have not opened up about his educational experience. However, according to his age, he might have completed his primary education and is ready for his secondary education.

Kenny Atkinson's son with Laura Atkinson, Anthony Atkinson
Kenny Atkinson’s son, Anthony Atkinson arrived in 2008. Image Source: Social Media.

As for now, Kenny Atkinson’s son, Anthony Atkinson, is living a blissful life with his parents at their home in Quogue. His parents purchased their Quogue home back in 2016 after his dad got a job as head coach for the Brooklyn Nets.

Has A Younger Sister

Anthony Atkinson is an older brother to Kenny Atkinson’s daughter, Annika Atkinson. Annika joined the Atkinson family in 2010, making Anthony a blessed big brother. His sister, Annika, is creative, artistic, and tough-natured. Anthony and Annika’s family members tell her the beast due to her strong and determined nature.

Kenny Atkinson’s son, Anthony Atkinson, shares a strong bonding with his small sister. Although the brother-sister duo hardly ever appears in public together, it’s speculated that they might be having fun playing, doing various projects, and traveling various holiday destinations with their mom and dad.

A Keen Basketball Fan

Being the son of a basketball coach, it’s not surprising that the sports genes run in the bloodstream of Anthony Atkinson. He enjoys playing and learning basketball techniques from his dad during his free time. Anthony is very passionate about basketball. In fact, according to Kenny Atkinson, he knows more about the NBA than his father.

Furthermore, Anthony and his father, Kenny, help each other to handle losing. Whenever Anthony loses on any of his school games, his dad helps him to manage it. And, when Kenny Atkinson’s team experiences loss, Anthony is always there to make him feel better.

Kenny Atkinson’s son, Anthony Atkinson, is already learning a lot about basketball at such a young age. It seems like we might see him excelling on the basketball court in the upcoming days making his parents proud. But for now, let’s have patience and wait for the result.

Life Away From The Media Reach

The extremely secretive parents of Anthony Atkinson, Kenny Atkinson, and Laura Atkinson are not active on social media pages. Moreover, they rarely talk about and show off their son in public. The last time Anthony appeared with his parents in the media was in 2016. He was captured with his sister and parents at the Nets HHS Training Center after Kenny got the Brooklyn Nets head coach’s post.

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Furthermore, Anthony is too young to have a social networking page. So, for now, he is enjoying his childhood far from the media paparazzi. We hope to see him soon attending the public events with his famous dad so that we can have a glimpse of the adorable son of Kenny Atkinson, Anthony Atkinson.

Name Meaning: Anthony Atkinson

In Latin, the name Anthony means of the Antonius family. Biblically, it means worthy of praise.

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