Christian Jackson, Facts About Mark Jackson’s Son With Desiree Coleman

Mark Jackson's son Christian Jackson

Mark Jackson is a known figurative in the NBA. The basketball phenom was incredible in both his playing time and coaching career. The player turned coach got the glory in both roles and is currently a diversified broadcast commentator for ESPN and ABC.

The 55-year-old parted ways with his wife Desiree Coleman in 2017 after more than two decades of togetherness. The main highlight of Mark’s life is still his extraordinary career, but his personal life is also nothing short of talking points. Mark is a father of four with ex-partner Desiree and each, and every one of them has grown up now. But in this article, we will be focusing on only one of them, Mark Jackson’s son Christian Jackson.

Son Of Mark and Desiree Coleman

Mark has four children with his ex-wife Desiree. Christian is one of three brothers, the other two being Mark Jackson Jr and Micah Jackson. He also has a sister named Heavyn Jackson. All of the siblings are all grown up and are living their life. They can be regularly seen spending quality time with each other. Mark must be proud that all of his children have been raised well.

Mark Jackson's son Christian Jackson
Christian with his two siblings Heavyn and Micah. Image Source: Instagram/heavynsworld.

Christian is one of three sons Mark has, so growing up; he was not short of companions. Although his parents had a divorce after spending such a long time together, all of them are still close to each other. Christian idolizes his father and mother, so he must be well on his way to become a successful person.

Mark Jackson’s Son Christian Is A Music Producer

Unlike his father, Mark Jackson, who has devoted his whole life to basketball, Christian seems to have chosen a different path. Christian has decided to pursue a career in music. He can be regularly seen promoting his music on his Instagram stories. Currently, his music is most popular among his circle. The young talent is looking sharp and has already produced multiple songs like ’30 Clip,’ ‘Darker,’ and ‘Ready.’

Although Christian and his father’s paths are not likely to cross, he is getting full support from him. Christian’s sister also works in the NBA, but he has decided to stay away from basketball. As soon as Christian establishes himself as a known entity in the music industry, he will be successful in no time. Let’s hope we get to see him flourish in whatever he decides to do.

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Christian Is A Fashionista

As we went through Mark Jackson’s son Christian’s Instagram account, we have seen that he likes to try on different fashionable outfits. Christian spends quite a lot of money on buying branded clothes, which is evidently visible from his social media accounts. Unlike his father, who is not that much of a fashion junkie, Christian’s musical inspirations may be the reason for his clothing choices.


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Christian is always actively trying out trendy and designer outfits that make him stand out from others. All in all, his extensive amount of devotion to fashion is quite remarkable. As time goes on, we are destined to see him trying out new outfits every now and then.

Name Meaning: Christian Jackson

Christian is a name of English origin, and the meaning of the name Christian is ‘Follower of Christ’.

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