Micah Jackson, Facts About Mark Jackson’s Son With Desiree Coleman

Mark Jackson's son Micah Jackson

The NBA is going around for quite some time, and the name Mark Jackson is no stranger to it. The basketball legend was incredible as both player and coach. He is currently a diversified broadcast commentator for ESPN and ABC and is showing no signs of taking a break from basketball.

Mark’s main gossips come from his extraordinary career, but his personal life is also nothing short of talking points. The 55-year-old recently divorced his wife Desiree Coleman in 2017 after more than two decades of togetherness. Mark is a father of four with his ex-wife Desiree and all of the kids have already grown up. But in this article, we will be focusing on only one of them, Mark Jackson’s son Micah Jackson.

Youngest Son Of Mark and Desiree Coleman

Basketball’s evergreen Mark has four children with his ex-wife Desiree, Christian Jackson, Mark Jackson Jr, and Heavyn Jackson. Micah is the youngest of three brothers and a sister. All of the siblings are all grown up and are living their life. Mark must be proud that all of his children have grown up well. From spending quality time together to visit their father during games, all of the siblings share a precious bond.

Mark Jackson's son Micah Jackson
Micah with his father and sister, Heavyn. Image Source: Instagram/heavynsworld.

Although Micah’s parents had a divorce while he was still young and after spending such a long time together, he had his siblings to help him cope. Micah was lucky that he has two brothers who are also his friends. Growing up, he must have felt pretty comfortable sharing everything with his siblings.

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Micah Has An Interest In Basketball

Unlike his other two siblings Christian and Heavyn, Micah has developed an interest in basketball. It looks like Mark Jackson’s son Micah would follow him into playing basketball. From his Instagram account, we can see he spends quite a lot of time training for basketball. Moreover, Micah is looking really sharp in the game as he has a wonderful mentor in the form of his father.


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Micah is still pretty young, and there is no guarantee whether he will go on to become a basketball player or not. But, as of now, Micah seems to have devoted himself to basketball. Micah’s brother Mark Jackson Jr. is the only other sibling who followed his career in basketball like their father. Let’s hope he comes out as a top gun pretty soon.

Mark Jackson’s Son Micah Is Also On Tik-Tok

Like every other teenager at this moment, Micah has also put his hands on the media sharing platform Tik-Tok. Micah has about six thousand followers on tik-tok. The young Jackson mostly makes videos on recent trends and challenges on tik-tok with his girlfriend, whose name he has not revealed.

Micah is living his life like every other teenager in his generation. From being pretty active in social media to developing his skills in basketball, Micah is looking like a sharp kid. He must be getting all the love and support from his family so that he will succeed in whatever career he wants for himself.

Name Meaning: Micah Jackson

Micah is a name from the Hebrew Bible meaning ‘Who is like God?.’

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