Where Is Amy Adams’ Sibling Brother Eddie Adams Now? Has He Left Acting?

Amy Adams' brother Eddie Adams

American actress Amy Adams is known for both her comedic and dramatic performances. The 46-year-old has already appeared twice on the annual rankings of the highest-paid actresses in the world and is not slowing down anytime soon. Some of Amy’s memorable performances include Steven Spielberg’s 2002 biopic Catch Me If You Can and in DC Extended Universe’s Louis Lane. She also won the Golden Globe award for her performance in American Hustle. 

Well, Amy is undoubtedly one of the most successful actresses of this generation but have you ever wonder about her personal life and what is her family like? If you are one of those fans, then you have stumbled upon the right place. In this article, you will find some interesting information about Amy Adams’s brother Eddie Adams who is also an actor.

Eddie Adams’ Career In Hollywood

Amy Adams has a big family with six siblings all from the same parents Richard Adams and Kathryn Adams. Eddie is one of three younger siblings Amy has. He is the only one among the siblings who pursued a career in the acting industry after his sister. Amy Adams’ brother Eddie made his debut in acting through Planet of the Apes in 2001 and has bagged some memorable roles throughout the years.

Rather than acting, Eddie has been more prominent as a writer and producer. He wrote a short movie called Pennies, which featured his own sister Amy. Eddie has not appeared much in acting since his performance in 2008 Superglue.

Amy Adams’s brother Eddie’s last appearance in Hollywood was through co-producing the TV series Do or Die in 2014. Eddie’s other production include Timothy’s Fable and Brothers and Fathers. He has been pretty far from the spotlight for a few years now and is probably giving time to his family and waiting to make a comeback.

Where Is Amy Adams’ Brother Eddie Now?

Eddie has been off from the action for about four years now. As he is a family man, he is probably focusing on his family. Eddie is probably waiting for the perfect moment for making his return in the industry. His career was inspired a lot by his elder sister Amy and she will definitely help him make a wonderful career for himself.


Amy Adams' brother Eddie Adams
Amy Adams’ brother Eddie is probably waiting for his grand return into the industry. Image Source: Social Media.

Eddie is an actor, writer, producer, and a multitalented individual, which will definitely make him durable and versatile. Let’s hope he gets back in the industry soon, and we get to see the brother-sister duo in action again.

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Eddie Is Married To Katie Daryl

As we mentioned earlier, Eddie is a family man. He is currently married to Katie Daryl. Eddie Adams’ wife Katie is an American TV host and producer. She is best known for her work on the Hollywood gossip show TMZ. Katie is currently an executive producer and also the host of the AXS TV music count-down series The Top Ten Revealed. The couple seems to love the privacy and does not reveal much on social media.

Eddie is far from the action in the social media scene, and Katie mostly posts about her professional life on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, the two are parents to one child and are living a happy life together. Let’s hope we see more from them soon.

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