Learn Some Facts About Paul Walker’s Sister Amie Walker

Paul Walker's Sister

Paul Walker is a name that holds a great deal of value in every Fast and Furious fan’s heart. The actor’s brilliant portrayal of the character Brian O’Conner was the primary reason for people to get hooked up with the movies. Even after his untimely death, the love for him has not depreciated by any means. But we are not going to talk about this legendary actor today. Rather, we will go through the life of Paul Walker’s sister Amie Walker.

Amie has kept a low profile throughout her whole career. She is rarely seen in media and has managed to dodge all the paparazzi throughout her life. Her life is full of rollercoaster rides, so in this article, let’s go through some fascinating facts about Paul Walker’s sister Amie Walker.

Daughter of Cheryl Crabtree Walker And Paul Walker III

Born as Amie Lee Walker to parents Paul Walker III and Cheryl Crabtree Walker, she is the second daughter in the family. She grew up with all the siblings together, which has enhanced the bond they all share to this day.


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Amie had the privilege to grow up in an understanding family that had a lot of understanding towards their children. This was pivotal for the good development of all the children in the family.

Has Three Siblings

After Paul Walker’s saddening death in 2013, the walker family now has three siblings except Amie herself. She has a sister named Ashlie Walker and two younger brothers, Caleb Walker, and Cody Walker. All of the Walker siblings have found success in their own way. Caleb is an entrepreneur, Cody is an actor, while Ashlie is also an actor.

Amie, on the other hand, is very secretive about both her personal and professional life. There is little to no information about what she is engaged in. So, we just have to hope and wait patiently until she further reveals more information about her.

Made An Appearance On CNN Newsroom

Amie’s only appearance on TV remains in the CNN Newsrooms’s episode on 3oth November 2014. To this day, it remains the only time Paul Walker’s sister, Amie made an appearance on TV. While her other siblings have made quite a number of appearances on Tv and in films, she, on the other hand, likes to stay as low as possible. But who knows, we might see her soon again on the TV.

Paul Walker’s Sister Amie Has A Private Instagram

As we have mentioned multiple times in the article, Amie loves privacy. She does have an Instagram account, but it is private. She has a limited amount of followers, which must be her close friends and relatives. Amie must be keeping a low profile to avoid all the attention and drama that comes with social media appearances.

Paul Walker's sister Amie Walker
Amie Walker’s brother and superstar Paul died an untimely death. Image Source: Instagram/paulwalker.

However, we still have hope she will make an appearance on media soon to share more about her experience being Paul Walker’s sister and all the hype that comes with it. Until then, we have to wait patiently and hold our horses.

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