James Gardner, Facts About Julie Etchingham’s Son With Nick Gardner

Julie Etchingham's son James Gardner

The English journalist Julie Etchingham works as a television newsreader with ITV News. The 51-year-old is a graduate of Newnham College, Cambridge, Etchingham joined the BBC as a trainee after completing her studies. Moreover, she went on to present the children’s news program Newsround in 1994.

But this time around, we are not going to talk about this wonderful journalist. Rather, we will be looking through the life of Julie Etchingham’s son James Gardner. James has been a wonderful child to his parents and is continuing to be so. While he is pretty secretive about his personal life, we have managed to put together some interesting facts about him, so don’t forget to go through the whole article.

One Of Two Sons Of Julie Etchingham

James Gardner is one of the two sons of journalist Julie Etchingham with her husband, Nick Gardner. As Etchingham has managed to hide her sons from the media as much as possible, the name of Julie’s other son seems to be Leo Gardner. Through the photos shared by Julie, it is almost certain James is a gentleman with a charming young face. The young boy is getting all the motherly love from mother and guidance from father as well as his big brother Leo.


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As for James’s brother, he has been featuring in his mother’s social media pages, but the couple has made sure to keep them away from the spotlight. Julie has preferred to call out her children with numbers rather than their names. She is making sure they live a normal and happy life without any unwanted controversies.

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Is Nowhere Found On Social Media

Julie Etchingham’s son James is nowhere to be found on social media. The young guy seems to enjoy his teenage life in full privacy. He is withdrawn from the usual social media attention, while most of the teens of this generation are hooked up on their smartphones.

James has been a great son to her mother. Julie is also making sure her children are withdrawn from the media attention as much as possible. Only time will tell whether James will be on social media or not. It may also be the case that he is already on it but is using an alias name.

James Is Very Close To His Dog

The Gardner family owns a doggo named Welly, and James is very close to him. Julie’s Instagram account features a lot of wholesome moments between these two. Welly has been a crucial part of the family and will continue to do so in the coming days.

Julie Etchingham's son James Gardner
James spends a lot of time with his doggo. Image Source: Instagram/julie_etchingham.

Welly always travels with the family and never misses any trip. Also, Welly does not seem to like fireworks and covers himself with the pillows whenever he can.

Name Meaning: James Gardner

James is a classical biblical name coming from Saint James, who was one of  Jesus’ 12 apostles. The term ‘James’ means supplanter or replacer. It was originally derived from the Latin Jacomus, which also means may God protect.

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