5 Facts About Eliza Roberts And James Simons’s Daughter Morgan Simons

Eliza Roberts's daughter

Eliza Roberts is an American actress known for her roles in ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Schlock.’ Apart from her own acting career, she is also known through her mother Lila Garret and husband, Eric Roberts. She has been married twice and has two children from her previous relationship.

Eliza has only one daughter, Morgan Simons, and she is very close to her. Morgan was raised by Eliza with her second husband, Eric Roberts. Together the couple has managed to raise her pretty well.

If you are curious to know more about Morgan, don’t forget to go through these interesting facts about her that you probably did not know.

Morgan Is The Only Daughter Of Eliza

Born to Eliza Robert’s then-husband James Simons, Morgan is one of only two children in the household. After her separation from James, Morgan and her brother Keaton Simons was raised by Eric. Morgan must have had a troubled childhood after her parents’ divorce. But thankfully for her, Eric never made her feel like he was not her real dad.

Eliza Roberts's daughter
Morgan is Eliza’s only daughter. Image Source: Instagram/pibakeshop.

Morgan, being the only daughter of the couple, made her get all the motherly love from Eliza. From what we have seen so far, she has grown into a more than competent woman through her mother’s love.

Morgan Is Close To Her Step-dad Eric

Eric has been an exceptional father to Morgan while also being a far better person than once he was. The father of Emma Roberts has been equally spending time with his stepchildren like his biological. He can be seen accompanying them in traveling to celebrating birthdays with Morgan and her brother.

One thing is pretty certain that Eric has never made Morgan feel like he is not her real dad while also improving himself as a competent parent.

Eliza Robert’s Daughter Morgan Owns A Pie Shop

Despite being raised in a family full of actors like Eric Roberts, Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, and Eliza herself, Morgan chose a different field. She currently owns a pie shop going by the name ‘π Bake Shop’ in Los Angeles, California.


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The amount of dedication she gives to her shop sure is tremendous, which makes it more the wonder. The LA-based shop is running ever so smoothly, and the delivery service is also available for all seven days. Whether acting or anything, Morgan must have gotten a fair amount of support from her family to run a business like she is doing.

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Morgan Simons Has Also Been Involved In Films

While running a full-time bakery, Morgan Simons also found time for her to get involved in the film industry. She was the casting director in the 2000 movie ‘Luck of the Draw.’ Being relatively at her young age, she did a pretty well job of making sure the casting was perfect for the movie.

Apart from Morgan’s stint as casting director, she also managed to appear as herself on the show ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ back in 2014. Morgan has not made a TV appearance since then but let’s hope we get to see her on the TV more often. Who knows, next time we may even see her running her own cooking show.

Morgan Simons’s Brother Is A Recording Artist

While Morgan has chosen to live her life away from media, her brother Keaton Simmons on the other hand is a recording and performing artist. He is currently signed to Best Revenge Records, his independent label created in 2012.

Keaton has been pretty successful in his work and is adored by his family. Keaton can be seen spending quality time with Morgan on multiple occasions and is very close to his family.

Name Meaning: Morgan Simons

Morgan is a welsh name and a descendant of Old Welsh ‘Morcant’. The name basically means sea chief, sea protector, sea defender, or sailor/captain.

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