Ashlen Clare Boylen, Facts About Jim Boylen’s Daughter With Christine Boylen

Jim Boylen's daughter Ashlen Clare Boylen.

Jim Boylen is an American professional basketball coach. He recently was the head coach for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA from 2018 to 2020. Jim’s career has been nothing short of a fairytale run from multiple NBA teams to college-level coaching, he has done it all. His career is definitely one that will be remembered.

Boylen’s coaching career can be summarized as a hit or miss run, and it has been pretty uncertain. One of the things that are helping him during these uncertain periods is his family. Jim is married to his wife Christine Boylen, for more than two decades and has two children with her. One of his children with Christine is Ashlen Clare Boylen, so let’s go through this short article to know more about Jim Boylen’s daughter, Ashlen.

Daughter Of Jim Boylen With Wife Christine

Jim Boylen married his wife Christine back in 1995 and has been with her ever since. The couple had to go through very tough times during their initial days because of the repeated miscarriages. But after many failed attempts, Ashlen Clare Boylen finally came to this world in 2005. Being the eldest of the children, the recently turned 15-year-old will soon become an adult. Ashlen is currently living with her family in Chicago but will soon move from them.

Jim Boylen's daughter Ashlen Clare Boylen.
Ashlen Clare is Jim’s firstborn. Image Source: Social Media.

Ashlen Clare is adored by her parents as she was the first successful child the couple gave birth to. She is also lucky that she has gotten a wonderful family in the form of Jim and Christine. When Ashlen was younger, Jim even bought a house near his office so that he could spend enough time with the family. One thing is certain that Jim and Christine have lacked nothing as parents, and the bond this family share is evergreen.

Ashlen’s Twin Couldn’t Make It.

When Christine was pregnant in 2004 after many failed pregnancies, the couple had to go through another heartbreak that this time also the child was lost. But their sorrow had some relief as doctors heard another heartbeat in Christine’s womb. In fact, Christine was pregnant with twins. Ashlen made it out alive, but her twin could not make it to this world. This was a deeply grieving moment for the family, but they were fortunate at least Jim Boylen’s daughter Ashlen made it out alive.

Although Ashlen had to lose her twin sibling, she was blessed with another sibling just 18 months after her birth. Jim Boylen’s daughter Layla Blue Boylen followed Ashlen into this world. Both the sisters are pretty close to each other and spend quite a lot of time together.

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Ashlen Is Far From The Spotlight

Jim Boylen’s daughter Ashlen has chosen to stay away from the spotlight, at least for now. Unlike all the teenagers of this generation, Ashlen is nowhere to be found on social media. It must be her parents’ advice that she stays away from media attention. As Jim is often criticized by his fans, it is probably best for his daughters to stay away from all the negativity. Let’s hope we will soon hear from her as she comes of age.

Name Meaning: Ashlen Clare Boylen

Ashlen is a name of Irish origin, which means ‘dream.’ Clare is also an Irish name, which is probably named with a Celtic river name meaning ‘bright,’ ‘gentle,’ or ‘warm.’

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