Nea Jones, Facts About Quincy Jones III’s Daughter With Koa Jones

Quincy Jones III's daughter Nea Jones

Swedish-American singer, musician, and film producer Quincy Jones III is ais known as the founder of QD3 Entertainment.  He is the son of the famous musician Quincy Jones Jr. and was also the jury member of Swedish Idol 2016. His company QD3 Entertainment has produced a series of documentaries which are known collectively as Beef, which explores the violence and feuds within hip-hop culture.

Quincy continued his father’s legacy in the music industry and has made a name for himself. The singer was married to his wife Koa Jones before his divorce and has two children with her.

So, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Quincy Jones III’s daughter Nea Jones and see how she has grown up.

Daughter Of Quincy Jones III With Wx-wife Koa Jones

Quincy Jones III’s daughter Nea Jones was born in 2004 to him and his then-wife, Koa Jones. The couple separated but were in contact to raise their children. Nea recently celebrated her sixteenth birthday, and both her father and mother did not miss out on her birthday. Nea is her daddy’s girl and spends quite a lot of time with him. Quincy is also proud that his child has grown into a fine young lady.

Nea is very close to both of her parents and spends her time regularly with them. Although we are not sure whether she will follow in her dad’s footsteps or not, we are pretty sure she will be supported by both of her parents to do what she loves to do.

Nea Has An Elder Brother

Nea Jones has an elder brother named Quincy Renzo Delight Jones IV or normally known as just Renzo. The siblings are pretty close to each other and spend quite a lot of time together. The family also are pretty close, even though Quincy and Koa are divorced. Nea and her brother Renzo are their parents’ sweethearts. Renzo has decided to follow in his dad’s footsteps into music, but we don’t really know what Nea is into, so we have to keep our patience.

Quincy Jones III's daughter Nea Jones
Nea is pretty close to her mother, Koa Jones. Image Source: Instagram/

Nea seems to love spending time with her father, and they are regularly seen making videos or traveling to different places. The 16-year-old is looking charming than ever, and her parents are the proudest of all. As Nea makes her slow and steady approach towards adulthood, she is bound to get all the love and support from her family.

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Quincy Jones III’s Daughter Nea Has A Private Instagram

Quincy Jones III’s daughter Nea has a private Instagram. Although being the daughter and granddaughter of renowned musicians, she has decided to keep her social presence to herself. The 16-year-old seems to like privacy, and it is probably the best for her growth. Being the child of a celebrity also asks for a lot of unnecessary pressure from the public, so since she is still growing to be an adult, it is probably best for her to keep her personal life to herself.


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While Nea’s personal account is private, she does have a presence on her parents’ accounts. So, we can have plenty of information about her from her parents. Let’s hope we get to see her shine in whatever field she is passionate about in the future.

Name Meaning: Nea Jones

Nea is a name of Gaelic origin, which has got multiple-meaning, including ‘lustrous; goal, purpose.’

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