Layla Blue Boylen, Facts About Jim Boylen’s Daughter With Christine Boylen

Jim Boylen's daughter Layla Blue Boylen.

American basketball coach Jim Boylen was recently the head coach of the NBA team Chicago Bulls before being fired for the upcoming season. Jim’s career has seen him hop from one team to another while also putting some hands-on college basketball. Nevertheless, he has been an incredible coach throughout his career.

Boylen’s coaching career came to uncertainty after his poor form with Chicago Bulls. During his tough times with the team, it was his family who never stopped supporting him. Boylen is married to his wife Christine Boylen, for more than two decades and has two children with her. Boylen’s children have been an integral part of his life and keeping that in mind, we have accumulated some interesting facts about Jim Boylen’s daughter Layla Blue Boylen.

Daughter Of Jim Boylen And Christine Boylen

Born in 2006 to Jim and his wife Christine Boylen, Layla is the youngest child of the couple. Christine and Jim married in 1995 when Jim was at Houston Rockets. Since then, the couple has gone through a lot. From multiple miscarriages and Jim’s moving career, it was really hard for them to cope up. After Layla’s birth, the family has been complete at the very least. Jim also does not miss to spend enough time with his daughter, regardless of his tight schedule.

The 13-year-old kid Layla remains quite far from the spotlight. Jim and Christine have made sure that none of the unnecessary social media attention gets to her. Layla is soon getting into high school, and she would definitely have the temptation to use social media like every other child. But due to the negativity surrounding Jim’s coaching career, it’s probably best for her to stay far from it for now.

Layla Has An Elder Sister

Layla Blue Boylen has an elder sister named Ashlen Clare Boylen. During their initial days, the couple had to go through very tough times because of the repeated miscarriages. Well, Ashlen Clare Boylen finally came to this world in 2005 after many failed attempts. Ashlen being the eldest has a responsibility to guide her sister, and Layla also looks up to her. The two siblings are separated by just eighteen months, so they must understand each other pretty well.

Jim Boylen's daughter Layla Blue Boylen.
Jim Boylen was recently fired by Chicago Bulls from the position of head coach. Image Source: Social Media.

Although there is not much revealed about their life, Layla and Ashlen must be inseparable from each other. Both of them have got not only a sister but a friend in one another too. Let’s hope the siblings’ sisterhood remains one of their biggest assets in life.

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Layla’s Mother Had To Go Through Multiple Miscarriages

As we mentioned earlier, Layla’s mother, Christine, had to go through several miscarriages. After marrying in 1995, the couple was unable to give birth on many attempts until 2004. Even in 2004, the doctor told them they had lost their child, but there was some good news waiting for them as Christine was pregnant with twins, and one of them survived.

The couple had a really difficult time with miscarriages, but with the birth of Ashlen and then Layla, they have finally moved on. The family currently lives in their Chicago home but is soon planning to leave. Let’s hope they all share the same connection they share now in the coming future.

Name Meaning: Layla Blue Boylen

Layla is a name derived from Leila, meaning ‘night,’ and was first used in Hebrew and Arabic. Blue is an English name coming from the color blue.

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