Janna Williams, Facts About Ingrid Williams’ Daughter With Monty Williams

Ingrid Williams daughter with Monty Williams, Janna Williams

Ingrid Williams is the late wife of one of the best basketball coaches in the NBA, Monty Williams. She was married to Monty Williams from 1995 till her untimely death in 2016 from a car accident. Ingrid was a mother to three daughters and two sons with her husband, Monty Williams, while she was alive.

All the three daughters of Ingrid Williams are in their teenage in the present. It has been four years since Ingrid left this physical world. People are wondering what’s going on with her children. Here, in this article, we will be opening some unrevealed facts on one of Ingrid Williams’ daughters, Janna Williams. Please remain with us till the end of this article to know them all.

Third Child Of Ingrid Williams With Monty Williams

Janna Williams is the third child and the youngest daughter of late Ingrid Williams with the NBA coach Monty Williams. The Williams couple had welcomed Janna eight years after their marriage in 2003. The youngest Williams sister, Janna, was just thirteen years old at the time of the death of her beloved momma, Ingrid Williams.

Ingrid Williams daughter with Monty Williams, Janna Williams
Janna Williams (left), her mother, and her siblings visited pastor Rick Godwin in 2015. Image Source: Twitter/ Rick Godwin.

Janna has two elder sisters; Faith Williams and Lael Williams. Similarly, she has two younger brothers named Elijah Williams and Micah Williams. The middle sister of the Williams family, Janna, has a great bonding with all of her siblings. Though she rarely appears on the media platform with her brothers and sisters, she might be enjoying an inseparable sibling bonding with them.

Moreover, like many other middle children, Monty Williams’ daughter Janna Williams might also be getting the benefit of getting love and care from both elder and younger siblings. We hope to see Janna and her siblings soon in the media to learn more about their relationship.

Following The Footsteps Of Her Dad In Sports

The former basketball player and current head coach of Phoenix Suns, Monty Williams is not the only sportsperson in his family. His daughter with Ingrid Williams, Janna Williams, is also following in his footsteps in the American sports industry.

However, Janna’s focus is on different games than basketball. The five foot ten inches tall daughter of Ingrid is a standout volleyball player at Scottsdale Christian Academy. She is on Revolution Volleyball Academy’s 18 Adidas team, currently playing as an outside hitter.

We hope we can see Ingrid Williams’s daughter, Janna Williams playing in national and international level games and shining out just like her famous dad soon.

Was With Her Mother During Their Car Crash

Aforementioned, Janna Williams’s mother, Ingrid, passed away in a car crash in 2016. On 6 February 2016, her mom was driving back home in downtown Oklahoma City in their SUV with her two other siblings and her. Suddenly, a sedan drove beyond the speed limit by a 52-year-old woman named Susannah Donaldson and hit their car.

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The woman and her dog, which was speculated to be on her lap at the time of the accident, died at the scene. But, rescuers took Janna, her mom, and her siblings to the nearest hospital. Luckily, Janna and her siblings survived and did not get any life-threatening injuries. For some time, the Williams family thought Janna’s mom might also survive. However, she passed away in the afternoon of another day on 7 February.

Life Away From The Limelight

Ingrid Williams’ daughter, Janna Williams, seems to be extremely secretive regarding her personal life. She does not prefer to be a part of media scrutiny being linked with her famous dad. So, it might be the reason Monty Williams’ daughter Janna is not available on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Probably, she does not like to talk or show her everyday life via social media like many other celebrity babies, or it could be she has a different alias.

Nevertheless, Janna might be living a blissful life with her celebrated father, four loving siblings, and of course, her step-mom, Lisa Keeth. Her new mother, Keeth, must be giving her enough love and care so that she does not feel the absence of her biological mother. Moreover, her father, Monty Williams, is also always by her side as her protector, care-giver, and sometimes a best friend.

Name Meaning: Janna Williams

The name Janna is usually given to a girl child. It is of Hebrew origin, which meaning is God is gracious.

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