Lael Williams, Facts About Ingrid Williams’ Daughter With Monty Williams

Monty Williams's daughter Lael Williams

NBA Coach Monty Williams’s late wife, Ingrid Williams, was a mother of five wonderful children. Although she could not see them grow up completely, Ingrid did everything in her position to fully nourish her children. It was really a tough time for all of the children, which includes three daughters Lael Williams, Janna Williams, and Faith Williams, as well as two sons Elijah Williams and Micah Williams.

While the Williams siblings are all having their own life set for each other, we will be focusing on Ingrid Williams’s daughter Lael Williams. Lael has been growing up like a charm, and if you are interested to know some surprising facts about her, don’t forget to stick to the end of the article.

Lael Williams Is The Eldest Child Of Ingrid And Monty

Monty Williams’s daughter Lael is the eldest of the five siblings. The 22-year-old is also the most mature out of all the Williams siblings. This makes her also responsible for looking after her younger siblings. There is a saying that the eldest born children are the third parent after mother and father. So, Ingrid Williams’ daughter Lael has pretty much looked after her younger siblings, especially after her mother’s demise.

Monty William's daughter Lael Williams
Lael with her siblings in a sporting event. Image Source: laeljoywilliams.

While Lael remains a responsible child, there is not much information about her personal life.  She is now an adult but is still pretty young to set her eyes on a specific career. Whichever path she chooses, there is no doubt that her father will be fully supportive of her like her mother would have been.

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Lael Was The First To Know About Ingrid’s Accident

Monty Williams’s daughter with his late wife Ingrid, Lael was the first to get informed about the accident that took the life of her mother. As depicted by Sports Illustrated, Lael’s face went pale after she received a call from her sister Faith, who was with her mother and two siblings Janna and Micah, who fortunately survived the crash.

Lael and the family at home were probably devastated after the incident. Lael was surely strong enough to take hold of herself and condemn her other siblings. This accident has carved a way for each of the Williams siblings to be mature on their own.

Lael Is Pretty Active On Social Media

The Williams siblings and Monty himself have chosen to stay away from the social media scene. But Lael has somehow managed to handle it. She is pretty active on Instagram with some casual photos to posts dedicating appreciation. She even congratulated her sister Janna after she graduated from high school. The precious bond Lael shares with her siblings is also evident through her Instagram handle.


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Overall, Ingrid Williams’ daughter Lael has been pretty active on Instagram and has given updates about her personal life. She also let the fans know that she graduated from her college, although her field is unknown. Moreover, she also shared some beautiful pictures of the new home she recently moved into. While Lael continues to make a career for herself, her mother must be very proud of Lael wherever she is now.

Name Meaning: Lael Williams

Lael is a biblical name of Hebrew origin. The literal meaning of the word Lael is Of God.

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