Grayson Van Gundy, Facts About Jeff Van Gundy’s Daughter With Kim Van Gundy

Jeff Van Gundy daughter, Grayson Van Gundy

Jeff Van Gundy is a well-known American basketball coach who served as the head coach of various prestigious basketball teams, including the New York Knicks and the Houston Rockets of the NBA. After leaving the Rockets in 2007, Van Gundy began his broadcasting career from ESPN’s broadcast of the Phoenix Sons-San Antonio Spurs game. Since then, he is regularly calling several basketball games as a color commentator with Mike Breen and Mark Jackson.

The executive board member of Pro-vision Academy, Jeff Van Gundy, is married to Kim Van Gundy. With his long-time wife Kim, he has two beautiful daughters, Grayson Van Gundy and Mattie Van Gundy. Here, get to know some unknown facts about Jeff Van Gundy’s daughter, Grayson Van Gundy.

Jeff Van Gundy’s Daughter With Kim Van Gundy

Broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy and his beloved wife, Kim Van Gundy, welcomed their daughter, Grayson Van Gundy, in 2004. She is the youngest child of Jeff Van Gundy, who was born in Houston.

Despite being the daughter of a famous sports personality, Grayson Van Gundy spent her childhood like a normal kid away from the media scrutiny. She does not appear in public events with her celebrity dad and does not have social media pages to her name. So, some details, like her educational status, hobbies, and other personal information, are still unknown.

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However, we know that Jeff Van Gundy’s daughter, Grayson Van Gundy, is a big fan of soccer. And being the daughter of a famous basketball coach, she might also be passionate about basketball too.

Grayson Van Gundy’s Siblings

As mentioned earlier, Grayson Van Gundy is the youngest member of her family. She has an elder sister named Mattie Van Gundy, who is eight years older than her. Her sister, Mattie, is a graduate of the University of Georgia and was a college basketball player.

Jeff Van Gundy's daughter, Grayson Van Gundy
Grayson Van Gundy (middle) loves to spend time with her sister and cousin. Image Source: Kim Van Gundy’s Facebook.

Jeff Van Gundy’s daughters, Grayson and Mattie, have a great bonding together. Grayson loves to spend time with her big sister. Although Grayson is currently inactive in social networking handles, her sister, Mattie, occasionally shares photos of them enjoying their time together on her Instagram and Facebook.

Does Not Get To Spend Much Time With Her Dad

Grayson Van Gundy’s dad, Jeff Van Gundy, usually has to stay far from her due to his busy schedule. He rarely gets to spend some quality time with his daughters and wife at home as he mostly spends his time in the studio doing his job as a sports commentator. So, Grayson hardly gets to hang around with her dad.

While talking to the Sportscasting, Jeff Van Gundy shared his sadness for missing the normalcy of his life and missing considerable time with his daughters. However, despite busy schedules, Jeff Van Gundy might be doing his best to give time to his daughter and some of her school programs.

For now, Jeff Van Gundy’s daughter, Grayson Van Gundy, is living a life away from the limelight. We hope she will soon show herself in the media with her own talents, making her parents proud.

Name Meaning: Grayson Van Gundy

The name Grayson is of English origin. It’s meaning is the son of the grey-haired one.

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