Actress Alexandra Tydings’ Daughter Ruby Luzzatto Is In Her Mid-Teens

Alexandra Tydings' daughter Ruby

Born on December 15, 1972, in Washington, D.C, Alexandra Tydings is an American actress primarily known for her role as Greek goddess Aphrodite in the TV series ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.’ She is a multi-talented individual as she has put her hands-on directing, writing, and many more.

One of the major reason’s for her success was support from her husband, Ben Luzzatto. Married for more than a decade, the couple has been each other’s support all their life. Alexandra got a blessing after she welcomed her first child Ruby Luzzatto. While Ruby has been part of Tydings’s life for quite some time, there is not much known about her. So, we have put together some interesting things about her that may take you by surprise.

Born On June 17, 2004

Ruby came to this world on June 17, 2004, while her mother was at the age of 31. Currently, sixteen-year-old Ruby has grown up to be an amazing daughter. While she remains away from social media, her mother has made sure she is free from any unnecessary attention from it.


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Ruby has grown into a fine young lady, and no one is probably as proud as her mother. While most of the teens are hooked up on mobile phones and attention these days, Ruby seems to be just the opposite for her own good. The 16-year-old is probably in her high school and looking forward to graduating it in flying colors.

First Of Three Siblings

Ruby is the eldest child of the family and is followed by her siblings Emerson Luzzatto and Maeve Luzzatto. The three siblings sure are growing up to be such a charm that their parents are more than proud. With younger siblings added, Ruby has the responsibility to guide them like a big sister. Together the Luzatto siblings make a cherishable environment for Alexandra and husband Ben.

Alexandra Tydings' daughter Ruby
The Luzzatto family having a great time together. Image Source: Instagram/benluzzatto.

Both Ben Luzzatto and Alexandra must be very proud that their children did not have bad side effects of fame. They must have raised them pretty well till now. The amount of decency the kids have is unlike any celebrities’ kids. One thing is for certain that Alexandra Tydings’ daughter will grow up to be a charm like her mother.

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Alexandra Tydings’ Daughter Ruby Is Away From Social Media

Like we mentioned earlier, Alexandra Tydings’ daughter Ruby is nowhere to be found on the social media scene. The 16-year-old is unlike any 16-year-old and has settled down without having a presence on social media. While this may be very well due to her mother’s instruction, Ruby has once again shown her decency by agreeing to her mother’s decision.

While Ruby not being on social media is a bummer for us, we can always wait for her to come of age. Whether she chooses to be active on the internet or not is completely her decision. So, let’s be patient and see if she makes an appearance on the internet in a couple of years.

Name Meaning: Ruby Luzzatto

Ruby is a feminine name taken from the name of the gemstone ruby. The name of the gemstone is derived from the Latin word ‘ruber,’ which means red.

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