Find Out Why Didn’t Kathy Bates Have Any Children?

Kathy Bates Children

Kathy Bates, born Kathleen Doyle Bates, is one of the most respected and successful American directors and actresses. Bates is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including two Primetime Emmy Awards, an Academy Award, and two Golden Globe Awards. The Memphis, Tennesse-born actress Kathy Bates is active in the American Entertainment Industry from the beginning of the 1960s to the present. She is famous for her performance in several blockbuster films, including Misery, Dolores Claiborne, and Richard Jewell.

It has been over a half-century since Kathy Bates is holding her fans in her thrall with her award-winning performances. But, talking about her personal life, it is filled with so many stressful events about which she rarely talks in public. Here, we will be unfolding the reason why Kathy Bates could not have children along with some of her other life struggles. So, please stick with us throughout the article.

Kathy Bates Was Married But Didn’t Have Children

The seventy-two-year-old Kathy Bates is currently living her singleton life, giving continuity to her acting profession and adoring her fans’ immense love. However, in the past, she was also in a marital relationship with Tony Campisi.

Kathy Bates married actor Tony Campisi in 1991, shortly after Bates won an Oscar award for her role in the film Misery. At the time, Kathy had already won the Academy Award as well, while Tony was at the beginning of his acting career. Moreover, Kathy and Tony, the now-estranged couple, dated for a couple of months before deciding to marry.

Kathy Bates Children
Kathy Bates sometimes refers to Adam Sandler as her son. Image Source: Twitter/ Kathy Bates.

Six years later, in 1997, Kathy Bates officially separated with her then-husband, Tony Campisi, and went separate ways. During the togetherness of Kathy and Tony, they did not have any children. The reason why Bates could not have a baby is still a mystery to her fans.

Although Kathy Bates does not have children of her own, she often refers to actor Adam Sandler as her son. Moreover, Sandler also wishes Bates on Mother’s day. Kathy and Adam had worked together in the fact-based drama ‘Richard Jewell‘ in the role of mother and son.

Bates Is A Cancer Survivor

The multiple Oscar Award winner Kathy Bates is a cancer survivor. The strong lady, Bates, beat cancer not only once but twice. The first time, The Officer Starrer, Kathy Bates got cancer was in 2003 at the age of 55. She had Stage 1 ovarian cancer. Immediately, Bates had surgery followed by nine months long chemotherapy. At that time, she did not reveal her health condition to the public with a fear of being a poster child for ovarian cancer. However, later, she lets it open to the media with an aim to aware and helps others suffering from the same disease.

Again in 2012, the All My Children star, Kathy Bates, was hit with extreme tiredness. So, she visited her doctor for an MRI. The MRI report said Kathy had breast cancer. So, she made a decision to have a double mastectomy due to her family history with cancer.

While talking to People magazine, Kathy Bates said that her aunt died from breast cancer and her niece also have it. Moreover, Kathy Bates’ mother also had a radical mastectomy in the 1970s, which developed lymphedema in her left arms. Luckily, Kathy tested negative for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation, which could increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Currently, Kathy is cancer-free and grateful to her doctors. However, she is battling with her biggest enemy, Lymphedema caused due to her past cancer treatments. Lymphedema causes extreme pain and swelling, and unfortunately, it has no cure. At the moment, Kathy is a spokesperson for the Lymphatic Education and Research Network. She utilizes her celebrity status to her best to bring awareness to the disease and to help in research works to find its treatment.

Kathy Bates’ Siblings

Loving and caring-natured Kathy Bates has two sisters, Patricia Bates Smith, and Mary Bates. Kathy Bates’ sisters, Patricia, currently resides in Clearwater, Florida, while Mary lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Though due to various unrevealed reasons, Kathy Bates could not become a mother, she is blessed with a few nieces and nephews. She has three nephews, Matthew Smith, Patrick Parker Smith, and Andrew Smith, from her sister Patricia. Similarly, she has two nieces, Linda and Margaret, from her other sister, Mary Wehbi Bates. Also, her sister has one adopted daughter named Georgia.

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