Randy Wilkens, Facts About Lenny Wilkens’ Son With Marilyn Wilkens

Lenny Wilkens's son Randy Wilkens

Lenny Wilkens is a former basketball player later turned coach in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The three times inductee of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame has been a regular name in the league for quite some time. The 83-year-old player turned coach could not win the prestigious trophy as a player, but he was successful in winning it as the coach of Seattle Supersonics.

Lenny Wilkens married his wife Marilyn Wilkens at a young age, and they have been together for more than half a century. As Lenny’s prime career both as a player and coach was in the era where social media and the internet were non-existent, there is not much info about his personal life. Keeping this in mind, we have put together some interesting facts about Lenny Wilkens’ son, Randy Wilkens.

Son Of Lenny Wilkens And Marilyn Wilkens

As we mentioned above, the basketball great Lenny Wilkens married his wife Marilyn at a young age. The couple is parents to three children, and Randy Wilkens is one of them. Randy has two siblings, Leesha Wilkens and Jamee Wilkens which complete the three of Lenny Wilkens’s children. Randy grew up during the era when Lenny was fully devoted to basketball, so it was a tough time for both of them to have a great father-son connection.

In spite of the severed time, Lenny was able to raise all of the kids pretty well. Lenny and Marilyn’s love for each other made their children flourish. The three of the Wilken siblings have a great connection to each other, all thanks to their prestigious childhood, which they spent together.

Married To Mercedes Vaca- Wilkens

Randy is married to his wife Mercedes Vaca-Wilkens for quite some time. Randy Wilkens’ wife Mercedes is an Emmy winning journalist who currently works as the account manager in Mopdog Creative and Strategy. The couple is really close to each other and spends a lot of time together. Moreover, Mercedes and Randy have been a loving and supporting partner to each other.

Randy and Mercedes can be seen spending most of their free time traveling with family. Now with the pandemic, their travel time was severely damaged. The couple has somehow managed to spend time with family, even with their busy schedule. As for Randy’s work, he remains quite secretive about his professional life and has not revealed it yet.  However, one thing is for sure that he opted to stay away from basketball and pursue his own interest.

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Lenny Wilkens’ Son Randy Is A Father Of Three

Lenny Wilkens’ son Randy is a proud father of three wonderful children. Randy and Mercedes are parents to two daughters, Allisandra Wilkens and Isabelle Wilkens, as well as a son Leo Wilkens.  All three of the Wilkens siblings are growing up and spend a lot of time together. Furthermore, one of the things that they do as a family is travel together. They can be seen traveling on hikes, camping, and many more.

Lenny Wilkens's son Randy Wilkens
Randy with his three children. Image Source: Facebook/Mercedes-Vaca Wilkens.

Randy’s daughter Allisandra also had her first communion amidst the pandemic. The couple successfully completed the ceremony even during a crisis. Randy is now an elevated father who does not forget to spend precious time with his family. Moreover, the connection Randy has with his children makes him even more joyous.

Randy Wilkens Works As A Vice-President Of Lenny Wilkens Foundation

Lenny Wilkens’ son Randy Wilkens is currently serving as the vice-president of the Lenny Wilkens Foundation. The foundation has grown exponentially since its beginning and is receiving quite a lot of fundraisers. The fundraiser event started as a golf tournament but has now evolved into something else with a VIP reception and an auction with about six hundred people in attendance.

The all-weekend event hosts quite a lot of celebrities and VIP’s who get to exchange thoughts with each other. The foundation’s primary goal is to help children’s health care and with all the support they are getting it must be making quite a difference.

Name Meaning: Randy Wilkens

Randy is a name derived from ‘Randolf,’ which means  ‘shield’ or ‘wolf.’

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