Brittany McMillan, Facts About Nate McMillan’s Daughter With Michelle McMillan

Nate McMillan's daughter, Brittany McMillan

Born Nathaniel McMillan, Nate McMillan is the former player and current assistant basketball coach for the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA. Before coaching the Indiana Pacers from 2016 to 2020, McMillan coached the Seattle Supersonics and the Portland Trail Blazers for some period. During Nate McMillan’s career in the SuperSonic, he got the nickname ‘Mr. Sonic.’

The former Pacers head coach, Nate McMillan is in a marital relationship with Michelle McMillan since 1988. Together, the couple has two talented kids, Brittany McMillan and Jamelle McMillan. In this article, get to know some unrevealed facts about Nate McMillan’s daughter, Brittany McMillan.

Youngest Child Of Nate McMillan With Michelle McMillan

Brittany McMillan is the youngest child of Nate McMillan with his long-time wife, Michelle McMillan. The couple gave birth to their daughter, Brittany, in the early 1990s in Seattle, Washington States. Despite being an offspring of a famous sports personality, Nate McMillan’s daughter, Brittany, spent her childhood far from the media scrutiny like an ordinary child.

Nate McMillan's daughter, Brittany McMillan
Brittany McMillan has an elder brother, Jamelle McMillan. Image Source: Jamelle McMillan’s Official Site.

Brittany McMillan has an elder brother named Jamelle McMillan, born on 30 December 1988. Like her father, Brittany’s brother is also in American sports. He was a 3x state champion in basketball during his graduation years in O’Dea High School. Currently, Nate McMillan’s son Jamelle is an assistant basketball coach at New Orleans Pelicans.

Brittany, as well as her parents, are very secretive regarding their personal life. However, it’s speculated that Brittany might be sharing a great bond with her parents and older brother. We hope Nate McMillan’s daughter, Brittany, will soon be available on the social media handles so that we can know more about her everyday life.

Following The Footsteps Of Her Father In Sports

Like many other famous sports figures, Nate McMillan’s daughter, Brittany McMillan, also seems to have inherited her father’s sports genes. The 5 feet 7 inches Brittany is also a basketball player like her dad and brother.

Brittany McMillan attended the Seattle Preparatory School, located at her birthplace Seattle, Washington. During her tenure in Seattle Prep, she was a senior guard on the Girls Varsity Basketball team. She played against several high school basketball teams and helped her team win numerous championships.

According to a report in the Seattle Times, Nate McMillan’s daughter, Brittany, played each of her basketball tournaments in NBA Socks gifted by her dad. Moreover, Nate has taught his little girl several tricks of the game, including getting lower on offense to get by her defender more easily. Also, to encourage his girl, Nate attends some of her games too.

However, it has been a while since Brittany is living her life low-key. She is probably honing her basketball skills, staying far from the media reach so that she can establish herself as a professional basketball player just like her father.

Stays Away From The Limelight

Aforementioned, Brittany McMillan is extremely private towards her personal and professional life. Like her parents, she prefers to live her life mostly away from the unnecessary media dramas. As per Brittany’s birth date and some of her known career achievements, it’s sure that she is a grown-up girl now. However, there are no social media pages registered in her name to date.

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For now, Nate McMillan’s daughter with Michelle McMillan, is living a happy and blissful life away from media reach. Let’s hope we can see Brittany, soon in front of the press with her skills making her parents proud.

Name Meaning: Brittany McMillan

The female given name, Brittany, is of English origin. It’s meaning is From Great Britain.

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