Whoopi Goldberg Became Great Grandmother At Age 58, Grandmother At Age 34 And Mom At Age18 ! Let’s Ride Through Her Parenting Journey

Whoopi Goldber's parenting journey

Whoopi Goldberg is an American actress who is known for her some iconic roles over the years. She is also one of few who have won an Academy Award, A Grammy, A Tony Award, and An Emmy. She has been absolutely phenomenal in terms of achievements. Currently, at the age of 65, Whoopi has been part of almost every type of movie and TV show.

Not only professional life but also the personal life of Whoopi has been pretty surprising. The actress became a mother at the age of 18 and became a great grandmother in 2013, so her life has been pretty lively. While Whoopi strives to be a lot different from your typical grandmother, let’s have a look at her parenting journey.

Gave Birth To Her Only Daughter Alexandrea Martin At The Age Of 18

Whoopi marred her first husband, Alvin Martin, in 1973 and was married to him for six years till 1979. She gave birth to her first child Alexandra Martin at the age of 18, the same year she got married. Alex has now grown up to follow her mother’s footsteps into acting and producing as she is a popular name in the industry. Whoopi was too young when she first gave birth, and she divorced her husband when Alex was just six, so it must have been really difficult for her to raise her child.

Whoopi married twice later on, at first to David Claessen in 1986 and Lyle Trachtenberg in 1994, but both marriages did not last more than two years. She did not give birth to any children from her marriage to David and Lyle, so it was a bit easier to end their marriage.

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At The Age Of 34, Whoopi Became A Grandmother

After becoming a mother at 18, Whoopi raised her daughter Alex like every other mother. But Alex became pregnant with her first child Amarah Skye at the age of 16 from a high school fling named HJ. He was later abandoned by the family as he went to prison at a very young age. Alex later married her husband, Bernard Dean, but she later divorced him and remarried him again in 2011. She has two children Jerzey Dean and Mason Dean, with Bernard.

Whoopi Goldberg's daughter Alex Martin
Whoopi’s daughter Alex became a mother at the age of sixteen. Image Source: Instagram/alexmartindean.

Whoopi is now a grandmother of three, while her eldest granddaughter Amarah is already past her thirties and is a mother. Whoopi is unlike other grandmother and wants to be called a cool grandma.

How Whoopi Became A Great Grandmother?

Whoopi Goldberg’s first granddaughter Amarah Skye gave birth to her only daughter Charlie Rose in 2013, making Goldberg a great grandmother. Charlie recently celebrated her seventh birthday and is a cute little devil. Whoopi when asked about her role in the Teenage Mutant: Ninja Turtles by Jimmy Fallon, she said she always wanted to be part of it as her children and grandchildren were a big fan of the franchise, but as they had all grown up, she wanted to do it for her great-granddaughter.

Whoopi also mentioned that she would like to be called ‘Whoopi’ by the little Charlie as it would make her feel less of a great grandmother. Goldberg has no plans for retirement, and the 65-year-old likely continues her roles in Hollywood and would likely be alive to see her great-granddaughter grow well. Let’s hope she has a brilliant life ahead.

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