Daisy Lawless, Facts About Lucy Lawless’ Daughter With Garth Lawless

Lucy Lawless daughter with Garth Lawless Daisy Lawless

Daisy Lawless is the daughter of the New Zealand actress and singer, Lucy Lawless, with her ex-husband Garth Lawless. Momma Lucy Lawless is famous for portraying the title role in the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess, which aired in New Zealand from 1995 to 2001. Furthermore, Lawless has also starred in the TV series Parks and Recreation, Salem, and Ash vs. Evil Dead. Similarly, Lucy Lawless is also a voice actress and a musician.

One of the former celebrity singers on FOX’s reality show Celebrity Duets; Lucy Lawless, gave birth to her daughter, Daisy Lawless, on 15 July 1988 with her then-boyfriend, Garth Lawless. Lucy and Garth married after Daisy’s birth and eventually ended their marriage in 1995. Here, in this article, learn some more facts about Lucy Lawless’ daughter, Daisy Lawless, in detail.

Born To Lucy Lawless And Garth Lawless

Aforementioned, Lucy and her former husband, Garth Lawless, welcomed their daughter, Daisy Lawless, in 1988. Daisy is the first and only child of the estranged Lawless couple, Lucy and Garth, together. They shared the custody of their little girl, Daisy, after their divorce.

According to Lucy Lawless’s website, her daughter Daisy was named Caitlin. When Lucy Lawless’s daughter, Daisy, was seven-months old, Lucy won the title of Mrs. New Zealand in 1989. While speaking before the beauty pageant’s attendees, Lucy called her daughter Caitlin, not Daisy.

Lucy Lawless daughter with Garth Lawless
Daisy Lawless is the first-born of Lucy Lawless. Image Source: Twitter/ Daisy Lawless.

Nevertheless, Lucy Lawless’s kid, Daisy, is a grown-up woman now. At the moment, she is following in her mother’s footsteps in the entertainment industry and honing her skills in it.

Step-daughter Of Robert Tapert

After the official separation with Garth Lawless, Daisy Lawless’s mother wed Xena’s executive producer, Robert G. ‘Rob’ Tapert. Tapert helped Lucy raise her daughter and even assisted Daisy during her growth and choose her career.

After being a Tapert family member, Daisy became a blessed elder half-sister to her mother, Lucy, and step-father, Rob’s two kids. She is the oldest half-sibling of Lucy Lawless’s sons with Rob Tapert, Julius Robert Bay Tapert, and Judah Miro Tapert.

The beautiful daughter of Lucy, D great bonding with her step-father and step-brothers. However, she does not seem to prefer to show it to the public.

A Voice Actress

The skillful little girl of Lucy Lawless, Daisy grew up seeing her mom achieving success in the New Zealand film industry. She attended the film sets during her childhood with Lucy, which helped her learn the film sector better and closer. Today, Daisy is famous for her work as a voice actress in numerous onscreen and offscreen movies, including Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. In the show, she is the voice behind the character Jabberon.

Besides being a voice actress, Lucy Lawless’ daughter, Daisy, is also known as an assistant editor. She served as a junior associate editor of the TV series ‘Spartacus’ from 2010 to 2013. Similarly, Daisy was also the associate editor of Spartacus: Gods of Arena in 2011.

An Emerging Director

Working as an assistant editor and performing in numerous TV series, Daisy sharpened her skills in movie-making. Using past experiences in the film industry, Daisy wrote and directed a short movie named Edith Gibson Has 3000 Dolls in 2019. Daisy, too has appeared at the starting of her short creation.

The creative Daisy’s short movie features Edith Gibson, who lives in the heart of suburban Auckland with her 3000 Dolls, caring and mending them. In the nearly 11 minute documentary, she invites you into her home, shares her gifted dolls, and sets forth pro tips and tricks for repairing the dolls to their former glory.

It is the first creation of Lucy Lawless’ daughter, Daisy Lawless. If she continues directing such hit documentaries, soon we might see another Lawless ruling the New Zealand entertainment industry.

Prefers A Life Away From Media Limelight

Although Daisy has been working in the bright limelight periphery for many years, she rarely shows off before the media. Probably, she does not want to be a part of stardom being linked with her celebrity mom, Lucy. Daisy might be preparing herself to gain fame like her mom with her own talent and hard work.

Furthermore, Daisy Lawless does not seem to have social media accounts registered on her name. She is living a private life away from the unnecessary media dramas and far from the paparazzi. We hope to see her soon in the spotlight beside her famed mom, Lucy Lawless.

Name Meaning: Daisy Lawless

The feminine given name Daisy came from the old English word dægeseage which means day’s eye.

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