DaRon Scott, Facts About Byron Scott’s Son With Anita Scott

Byron Scott's son with Anita Scott, DaRon Scott

Byron Scott is an acclaimed American former professional basketball head coach and player. As a player, Scott has earned three NBA championships during the Laker’s showtime era in the 1980s. After leaving a career as a player in 1998, he began his coaching career at the Sacramento Kings as an assistant coach. Then, Scott coached for various reputable teams, including New Jersey Nets, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Los Angeles Lakers as a head coach.

1997 FIBA Eurostar, Byron Scott married a registered nurse named Cece Gutierrez recently in 2020. Before getting hitched with Cece, Byron was in a marital relationship with Anita Scott from 1986 to 2014. With his first wife, Anita, he has three kids who are all grown up now. Today, in this article, we will be tailing some facts about Byron Scott’s son, DaRon Scott. So, please go through to the end of this article to know them all.

Youngest Son Of Byron Scott With Anita Scott

DaRon Scott is the youngest son of Byron Scott with his ex-wife, Anita Scott. The estranged couple welcomed their son, DaRon Scott, in 1991 while Byron was a player for the Los Angeles Lakers. DaRon spent most of his early childhood days in Sacramento, California. When he was nine years old, he and his family settled into a new house in Livingston, New Jersey.

Byron Scott's son with Anita Scott, DaRon Scott
DaRon Scott has an elder brother. Image Source: Byron Scott’s Facebook.

DaRon grew up with his two elder siblings, sister LonDen Scott and brother, Thomas Scott. At the moment, his sister, LonDen, is a Los Angeles based esthetician and a part-time model. Similarly, DaRon’s big brother, Thomas Scott, is a basketball coach like his father. But, DaRon Scott’s professional life is still a mystery.

Byron Scott’s son, DaRon Scott, attended an art school in Santa Monica, California. So, he might be lately flourishing his career in art, staying away from the media scrutiny. It seems like he does not prefer to be in the limelight, and it might be the reason, DaRon is not that active in social media handles.

DaRon Scott’s Love Life

Both elder siblings of DaRon Scott are already married and are parents too. His sister, LonDen Scott, is a mother to two kids with her ex-husband Joshua Aklilu. Similarly, DaRon’s brother, Thomas, is in a marital relationship with Kristen Scott and shares a daughter with her.

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DaRon, the youngest of all, is currently 29 years old, and according to his age, he might also have been married. However, unlike his siblings, he does not seem to prefer to show the details of his love life in public. So, for now, the exact relationship of Byron Scott’s son, DaRon Scott, is behind the radar.

DaRon Scott Is Nowhere To Be Seen

DaRon Scott’s siblings are active on social media pages. Moreover, they often appear at the red carpet events and family functions with their famous dad. However, DaRon Scott is nowhere to be seen. Neither he appears with his father in public events nor prefers to get photographed with his family members on various occasions.

The last time DaRon Scott appeared before the public was via his father, Byron Scott’s Facebook wall. Byron had shared a photo with DaRon and his brother, Thomas wishing both of them a happy national son’s day. But, we hope DaRon Scott will also soon begin showing off sometimes in the media platforms with his celebrity father.

Name Meaning: DaRon Scott

The name DaRon is of English origin meaning great.

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