Holly Sloan Parish, Facts About Jerry Sloan’s Daughter With Bobbye Sloan

Jerry Sloan daughter, Holly Sloan Parrish

Holly Sloan Parish is the daughter of the late Utah Jazz head coach, Jerry Sloan, with his first wife, Bobbye Sloan. Some basketball fans recognize Jerry Sloan from his nickname, “the original bull,” while some recognize him as one of the many NBA head coaches with the longest tenure in the NBA. Sloan spent three decades of his life as a head coach of the NBA, among which he served 23 years as the lead coach of the Utah Jazz. Remaining some years, he worked with the Chicago Bulls.

The 2009 Hall of Famer, Jerry Sloan, departed from this life on 22 May 2020 at the age of 78 due to Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia complications. He is survived by his second wife, Tammy Jessop, and three kids. Today we will be imparting some hidden facts about one of Jerry Sloan’s daughter, Holly Sloan Parrish.

Youngest Of Three Sloan Siblings

Aforementioned, Jerry Sloan had three children with his first wife, Bobbye Sloan. Among the three kids, Holly Sloan Parish is the youngest one who arrived in the Sloan family when Jerry Sloan was almost established in the American sports industry. So, Holly might have spent her childhood blissfully and getting all of her wants and desires fulfilled.

Jerry Sloan daughter, Holly Sloan Parrish
Holly Sloan Parish has two older siblings. Image Source: Facebook/ Holly Sloan Parrish.

Holly Sloan Parrish has two elder siblings, sister Kathy Sloan Wood and brother, Brian Sloan who were also in basketball like her father in the past. So, probably Holly also might have tried her luck as a basketball player or on other games during her high school and college days. But sadly, there are no records of her athletic activities available for the public.

Furthermore, Holly Sloan Parish has a strong relationship with her siblings. The Sloan brother-sister duo shows their bond off sometimes on their respective social media pages showing their indestructible brother-sister love.

An Employee At Signet Pavement Supply

Although Jerry Sloan’s daughter, Holly Sloan Parrish, is usually mute concerning her personal life, she is a little bit open about her professional life. According to Holly Sloan Parrish’s Facebook page, She works at Signet Pavement Supply Inc. in Richmond, Illinois. The company’s main line of business includes coating and sealants, pavement treatment, and paving materials.

Furthermore, some sources note that Jerry Sloan’s daughter, Holly Sloan Parish, worked as a junior high teacher and coach in suburban Chicago as well in the past. Nevertheless, Holly might be earning enough to fulfill her daily needs and enjoying her current job to the fullest.

Married And Mother To One Son

Jerry Sloan’s daughter, Holly Sloan Parrish, is in a marital relationship with the graduate of Benedictine College, Tim Parrish. Holly Sloan Parish’s husband, Tim Parrish, is the president at Signet Pavement Supply, where Holly works. The happy husband-wife duo, Holly and Tim, are the parents to one son, whom they mention as JJ.

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Holly Sloan Parish’s son, JJ, enjoys fishing with his dad and cousins. Also, he is passionate about basketball like his grandpa, Jerry, and other family members. For now, Holly Sloan Parrish is living a happy life with her husband and son at their home in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

An Animal Lover

Going through the social media pages of Holly Sloan Parish, it seems like she is an animal lover. Mainly, Holly has a great affinity towards dogs of Bernese breed and cats. She has three pet dogs at her home, whom she has named Rousey and Mabe. Moreover, she also had a cat named Izzy at her home, which they miss a lot.

Holly Sloan Parrish’s Facebook page is filled with photos of her pet dog, Rousey, and Mabe. It shows clearly how much Holly loves Bernese mountain dogs. Similarly, she also raises funds for other animals via the Facebook fundraising program, which is really appreciative.

Name Meaning: Holly Sloan Parish

The name Holly originated from the Old English word holegn. It means to prick.

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