Thomas McHale, Facts About Kevin McHale’s Son With Lynn McHale

Kevin McHale son with Lynn McHale, Thomas McHale

Thomas McHale is the son of Kevin McHale with his long-time wife, Lynn McHale. His dad, Kevin McHale, is the world-famous American former basketball player, a head coach, and a television analyst. Kevin is in the American sports industry for over four decades now and still serving as a TV analyst. Currently, the Houston Rockets’ former head coach, Kevin McHale, works as an on-air analyst for Turner Sports’ studio show NBA on TNT and NBA TV.

The past Boston Celtics star, Kevin McHale is usually tight-lipped when it comes to his family life. Still, there are some pieces of information concerning his personal life that he has failed to keep hidden from the public. So, here, get to be familiar with some facts on Kevin McHale’s son, Thomas McHale, which you might be interested to know.

One Of The Four Children Of Kevin McHale With Lynn McHale

As we mentioned earlier, former basketball player Kevin McHale is a father to three sons who are all grown-up now. Thomas McHale is one of Kevin McHale’s sons, who joined the family between the late 1980s and early 1990s. His parents, Kevin and Lynn McHale raised him in Weston, Massachusetts, where he attended the local primary school. Later, Thomas moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his family and completed his further education.

Thomas McHale’s parents, Kevin McHale and Lynn McHale, took their wedding vows on 30 June 1982. Soon after some months of their marriage, they gave birth to their daughter and Thomas’ elder sister, Kristyn McHale. Michael and his two brothers, Joseph McHale and Michael McHale, joined the family later.

Kevin McHale son with Lynn McHale, Thomas McHale
Thomas McHale has three siblings. Image Source: Facebook/ Lynn McHale.

Apart from three siblings, Thomas McHale had a sister named Alexandra ‘Sasha’ McHale, born in 1989. Like their father, his sister, Sasha, was a power forward with a number 32 jersey when she played basketball during high school. But, sadly, Thomas McHale’s sister got one of the world’s cruelest and unpredictable diseases called Lupus. It took her life away in November 2012, leaving all McHale’s family and her well-wishers devastated.

He And His Siblings Are His Father’s Main Concern

Being a celebrity is not easy. Usually, they have to stay far from their family to give time to their work. The same case is with Thomas McHale’s father, Kevin McHale. The elder McHale, Kevin, is compelled to perform his job, staying far from his family members. Generally, he has to stay at his studio for his work far from home.

However, there are several instances when Thomas’ dad, Kevin, proved himself as a devoted family man. His son, Thomas, and other children were and are always more important to him than his career in sports. Decades ago, when Kevin McHale was still a player for Boston Celtics, he chose to stay with his wife and kids in Weston on Christmas while his team members were in Manhattan ready for their important game.

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Hence, Kevin McHale’s sons, Thomas, Joseph, and Michael, and his daughter, Kristyn, are always his main concern. Moreover, after the death of his daughter, Sasha McHale, his focus and concern are more on his kids than his profession. Sasha’s death reminded him that basketball is just a game and nothing is more important than family.

Prefers His Life Low-Key

Like his other siblings and both parents, Kevin McHale’s son, Thomas McHale, seems to prefer his life far from the media scrutiny. He rarely appears in the spotlight with his famous dad, Kevin McHale. Moreover, his dad and mom, Kevin and Lynn, never disclose any details on his everyday life while media interviews.

Furthermore, Kevin McHale’s son, Thomas McHale, does not seem to be available on social media pages. So, there is still much more information regarding Thomas McHale’s professional and personal life inaccessible to the public. But, we hope he will soon be within easy reach so that we can know more about him.

Name Meaning: Thomas McHale

The boy name Thomas originated from the Aramaic personal name תאומא /tɑʔwmɑʔ/ which means leader or twin.

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