Joseph McHale,Facts About Kevin McHale’s Son With Lynn McHale

Kevin McHale's son with Lynn McHale, Joseph McHale

Joseph McHale is the son of the world-famous sports personality Kevin McHale with his long-time wife, Lynn McHale. Almost every people related to the sports industry and keen basketball fans recognize Kevin as the American former basketball player for the Boston Celtics. Moreover, he is also famous for being the head coach for several eminent basketball teams. Also, Kevin McHale is a TV analyst currently serving the NBA TV and Turner Sports as an on-air analyst.

Here are some facts you need to learn about the former Houston Rockets’ head coach, Kevin McHale’s son, Joseph McHale.

One Of The Three Sons Of Coach Kevin McHale And Lynn McHale

Kevin McHale is a father to three sons with his beloved spouse, Lynn McHale. Joseph McHale is one of his three sons whom he and his partner, Lynn, gave birth to and raised in Weston, Massachusetts. Kevin McHale’s son, Joseph McHale, joined the family when his father was flourishing in his career as a basketball player for the Boston Celtics.

Joseph McHale’s parents, Kevin McHale and Lynn McHale, walked down the aisle on 30 June 1982. After some time, the couple gave birth to their first child and Joseph’s eldest sister, Kristyn McHale. Soon after a gap of some years, they welcomed Joseph McHale and his brothers Michael McHale and Thomas McHale in the McHale family.

Kevin McHale's son with Lynn McHale, Joseph McHale
Joseph McHale has two brothers and a sister, Image Source: Facebook/ Lynn McHale.

All the three siblings of Joseph McHale attended the local school in Massachusetts. Later, they relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, with their family after their father, Kevin McHale, joined the Minnesota Timberwolves as a TV commentator, where they completed their further education. At the moment, all four McHale siblings are grown-up and are busy with their respective careers.

His Sister Passed Away In 2012

Besides two brothers and a sister, Joseph McHale had one sister named Alexandra ‘Sasha’ McHale, who was very close to him. She was a high school basketball player who wore the same number 32 as their dad, Kevin McHale, and played the same position, Power forward. Joseph McHale’s sister, Sasha, was an athletic girl with an infectious smile.

However, Joseph’s sister, Sasha, could not continue her basketball dream for long. At a young age, she suffered from an autoimmune disease, Lupus, which slowly damaged her healthy tissues resulting in several damages to her body. Consequently, she took her last breath in November 2012, leaving Joseph and all of her family members shattered.

Furthermore, Sasha’s death seems to have brought a lot of changes in Joseph’s life. While she was alive, Joseph was quite open in social media handles. However, after his sister’s death, it seems like he prefers to live a peaceful life behind the camera. Kevin McHale’s son, Joseph McHale’s social media presence is almost zero leaving all of his well-wishers curious about his everyday life.

He Is His Dad’s Primary Concern

Joseph McHale’s father, Kevin McHale, usually lived far from his family during his career in the American Sports Industry. He had to stay away from his children at different places during his playing and coaching career. Still, in the present also, Joseph’s dad has to spend most of his time in the studio as an analyst. Whether it is in the present or the past, his main concern is always his son, Joseph, and his other kids.

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Joseph McHale’s dad, Kevin McHale, has proven himself a responsible father and a great husband. At all times, he kept his sons and daughter in the first place and his profession in the second. He prefers to spend every special occasion with Joseph and his other siblings, even if there is some important work pending at his workplace. Moreover, after the death of Sasha, Joseph’s father has learned that nothing is more crucial than family.

Name Meaning: Joseph McHale

The male name Joseph is the Latin form of Greek Loseph, which means ‘He will add.’

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