Dad Of Almost A Toddler Son, James Rodriguez, Became Father Of Daughter, Salome Rodriguez Ospina, At Age 21! How Is He Enjoying Fatherhood?

James Rodriguez children, Salome Rodriguez, Samuel Rodriguez

The former Real Madrid star, James Rodriguez, born James David Rodriguez Rubio, is now twenty-nine years old. And he is already a proud father to two kids, a daughter, Salome Rodriguez Ospina, and a son, Samuel Rodriguez De Lima, from two different relationships. Currently, James Rodriguez, who plays as a winger for the Colombia national team and Premier League club Everton, is enjoying his fatherhood to his best.

Here is everything you might want to know about the successor of Carlos Valderrama, James Rodriguez, and his journey with his two children.

James Was 21 Years Old When He Had His First Child

The Columbian Soccer player James Rodriguez welcomed his first child, a daughter named Salome Rodriguez, on 29 May 2013. Salome is the firstborn of Rodriguez with his ex-wife, Daniela Ospina, a former volleyball player, and Columbian model. The parents of Salome separated after some years of her birth in 2017. However, the details regarding their divorce proceeding has not been revealed yet.

After the split-up of James Rodriguez and Daniela Ospina, Salome stayed with her momma. However, the estranged couple is still on good terms and remained friends for their one and only daughter. They are co-parenting and raising their child together.

Although James and his daughter, Salome, do not stay together, they often travel to each other’s place to meet up and spend good moments together. They can often be seen in social media handles having fun together, traveling to various places, and having a great father-daughter time. Besides, the blessed father of Salome, James has a tattoo with her name on his right forearm.

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Rodriguez’s Second Child Is A Surrogate Son

Soon after separating with his first baby mama, Daniela, James Rodriguez started dating a Venezuelan model, Shannon de Lima, from the beginning of 2018. Though the football player and Shannon are not in a marital relationship yet, they have a child, a son named Samuel Rodriguez, born on 28 October 2019.

James Rodriguez children, Salome Rodriguez, Samuel Rodriguez
James Rodriguez’s son, Samuel was born through an unknown surrogate mother. Image Source: Facebook/ James Rodriguez.

The overwhelmed dad, James, announced the arrival of his little boy on his Instagram with a picture of the newborn’s tiny hand holding his finger. The best part is that James Rodriguez’s ex-wife, Daniela was the first to congratulate him for being a dad the second time. Daniela and James’ daughter, Salome, even traveled to Spain with all the security measures and protocols to meet the newborn in person.

Surprisingly, Shannon is not the biological mother of James Rodriguez’s son. Samuel arrived in the Rodriguez family via a surrogate mother. To date, James has not revealed who was the rental belly to bring his son into the world. Nevertheless, James and his girlfriend, Shannon, are the official parents of Samuel, and James Rodriguez’s mother, Maria del Pilar, is in charge of taking care of him.

The father-son duo can often be spotted having a fun time together through various social media handles. James, the proud father, even shared the picture of his son smiling and showing his first teeth via his Instagram. He is even teaching his little man, Samuel, about patriotism with the Colombian anthem from such a young age. James is undoubtedly enjoying his fatherhood to his best.

The Columbian Footballer Is Relishing His Fatherhood To His Best

The father of two, James Rodriguez’s main concern is his children. He sees the real happiness in his daughter and son than any other things in the world. James spends as much time as he gets from his work with his kids, making them feel that they are important to him.

James Rodriguez’s daughter, Salome Rodriguez, is already an expert in utilizing the available social media pages well and productively. With her parents’ guidelines, Salome frequently shares pictures of having quality time with her brother and parents. James and his children enjoy clicking photos doing various fun activities together on their social networking handles.

Moreover, James enjoys doing childish acts with his daughter and son whenever he gets free time. They can also often be seen making fun TikTok videos together, dancing, and performing various acts. Even the toddler son of James Rodriguez also unquestionably is a part of their fun TikTok videos. He loves playing and doing various toddler activities with his father and other family members.

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