What Kind Of Sibling Love Do James Rodriguez’s Daughter, Salome, With Ex-wife Daniela Ospina Have With Her Brother, Samuel Born Via Surrogacy?

James Rodriguez's daughter Salomé Rodriguez Ospina and son Samuel Rodríguez de Lima

With a charming look and elegant soccer style, James Rodriguez has been taking the hearts of millions of not only soccer fans but also others. The 29-year-old attacking midfielder currently plays for the English Premier League club, Everton. Having gained major fame from the 2014 World Cup, James had a quiet period during his years at Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. After his move to Everton earlier this year, he is back to making headlines.

If you are a soccer fan, you probably know the ups and downs of James’ career but do you know about his family life? The Columbian star was married to his wife Daniela Ospina for seven years. The couple gave birth to their only daughter Salomé Rodriguez Ospina in 2013.  Meanwhile, James had his second child Samuel Rodríguez de Lima, via surrogacy in 2019. Both of the kids are growing up close to each other. So, let’s see what kind of sibling relation does James Rodriguez’s daughter and son have. 

Salomé And Samuel Are Half-Siblings

James Rodriguez’s daughter Salomé was born in 2013 to James and his then-wife, Daniela Ospina. James and Daniela were together until 2017, and even though they looked happy on the surface, it seems things weren’t as lively as it looked. After the couple’s separation, James started dating Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima and had his second child Samuel Rodriguez de Lima, in 2019 via surrogacy.

James Rodriguez's daughter Salomé Rodriguez Ospina and son Samuel Rodríguez de Lima
Salomé Rodriguez is the half-sister of James’ son Samuel. Image Source: Instagram/jamesrodriguez10.

Salomé and her brother Samuel are half-siblings born to the same father but different mothers. The two make the Rodriguez family complete and are pumping up liveliness in the house. The two half-siblings spend quite a lot of time together even though they are half-siblings. Salomé can be regularly seen cozying up to her brother, and the two are really close to each other. 

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Salomé Is Very Close To Her Baby Brother

James Rodriguez’s daughter Salomé is quite close to her half brother Samuel. The siblings can be seen spending quite a lot of time together. From swimming to cozying, these two seem inseparable. James has made his children very supportive of each other. Salomé is always looking after her baby brother, and Samuel also looks up to his sister. The two have found a home for each other in their arms and are each other’s best friend. Salomé also likes to take her brother when she is meeting her friends. Overall, the two half-siblings love each other’s company quite a lot.

James is now a proud dad of his two children and will continue to look after them in a spectacular fashion. Well, we don’t really know how interested Salomé and her brother Samuel are in James’ soccer, but as they grow up, they will likely develop fond of the game. James has inspired many Columbians by his exceptional soccer skills, so his children are likely next in line. 

Name Meaning Of James Rodriguez’s Children

Salomé is a feminine name that is derived from the Hebrew word ‘Shalom,’ which means ‘Peace.’ Samuel is a name of Hebrew origin which means ‘name of God’ or ‘God heard.’

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