Facts About Matt Bomer’s Father John Bomer Who Was A Football Player

Matt Bomer's father John Bomer

American actor Matt Bomer is known for his Golden Globe-winning performance as the closeted writer of The New York Times in the drama television film The Normal Heart. Matt has been in the industry for more than two decades and is not retiring anytime soon. His accolades in movies and TV shows have definitely gained him a lot of recognition than he might have anticipated.

Apart from his amazing acting, Matt is also famous for his athletic looks and physique. Matt inherited his athleticism from none other than his father, John Bomer. Matt Bomer’s father, John, was a football player that definitely inspired Matt to maintain his physique. With John being a former football player, people are curious to know more about him so let’s have a look at some interesting facts about Matt Bomer’s father, John Bomer.

Matt Bomer’s Father John Bomer, A Former Football Player

Matt Bomer’s father, John Bomer, was a football player during his younger days. John was drafted in 1971 and played for the Dallas Cowboys. Although he might not be popular today, he sure had his time to shine during his days. John’s athleticism was surely an inspiration for his kids to maintain a well-rounded physique. As Matt is also popular for his looks, he sure inherited a lot from his father.

When John was playing for Dallas, there was not that much media coverage except newspaper and television, so there are hardly any records of his career. The father of the Boys in the Band actor hardly appears on media, so let’s hope we get to know more about his playing days.

John Bomer Played For Dallas Cowboys For Three Years

Matt Bomer’s father John’s football career at Dallas Cowboys lasted for four years, from 1971 to 1974. As there are no official records of his career, we lack the information about his career afterward. John probably hung up his boots after that and decided to do something else or was focusing on his family.

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John Works As A Board Member Of Bomer Blanks Lumber Company

Matt Bomer’s father John Bomer started working in the business sector after his football stint ended. He is currently the board member of a firm called Bomer Blanks Lumber Company as a consultant. He had previously worked on the same company as his daughter Megan currently works called Intermarine LLC. He served as the consultant for the company. John also worked as National Sales Manager for Beihl and Co., Inc.

John has definitely found a lot of success even after his footballing career ended. Let’s wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

John Was Shocked At First To Hear About Matt’s Sexuality

John Bomer, along with his wife Sissi Bomer, was shocked at first to hear about Matt’s sexuality. Matt mentioned in an interview that his parents did not take the news about him being gay with open arms. As the family follows religious faith, John and Sissi were shocked to hear that Matt was gay. In fact, it was Matt’s grandmother who embraced Matt’s sexuality without hesitation.


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Even in the 21st century, it is sad to see that sexuality can cause tremors in a parent-child relationship. But thankfully for Matt and his parents, things started to work out after some time, and the family went back to a normal fun-loving group.

Father Of Three

John Bomer is a father of three kids, along with Matt Bomer and his two siblings Neill Bomer and Megan Bomer. Sissi and John were responsible for raising three wonderful kids who have grown up to become more than succesful in their respective fields.

Matt Bomer's father John Bomer
Matt Bomer has two siblings. Image Source: Instagram/mattbomer.

All three kids, along with the family, are still closely bonded to each other and spend quality time together. Furthermore, John must also be close to his grandkids, from Matt’s conjugal.

John sure did a great job as a father of three and was able to raise them all with great responsibility.

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